Nicholas Cage has done many roles ranging from action hero, to treasure hunter, to flaming ghost motorcycle rider thing, to blatant animal abuser. In the TV adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s Highfire adult fantasy book, he will play something he’s never played before. In fact, I don’t think anyone has ever played a swamp-dwelling dragon with a taste for vodka before.

Nicholas Cage next to the cover of "Highfire".
Shaken, not stirred. And hold the duckweed, will you?

I See Fire…Oh Wait, That’s Just My Drink Coming Up

Lord Highfire was once a mighty dragon lord: the high king of all dragons who ruled the world with scaly fists, thunderous wings, and fiery breath. “Once” is the operative word here though. Lord Highfire is now just Vern: who lives in a shack in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp. He spends his days hanging out with the gators, watching bad cable TV, and swilling as much vodka as he can find.

Lord Highfire himself.
Ah, the inspiration for the Honey Island Swamp Monster, I see.

That all changes when a human teen named Squib (a term for a misfired round or a tiny harmless bomb, funnily enough) wanders into Vern’s swamp. Young Squib has been running booze for the local mob, and also has a very corrupt cop gunning for Squib’s mother, whether she’s interested or not. Next to that lot, a dragon lord named Highfire, sorry, Vern doesn’t sound too bad. All Squib has to do is run errands for Vern, and Squib gets protection from all of them. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Fry being skeptical about this "good deal" here.
Or possibly none of the above.

And thus begins the odd friendship between a troubled teen and an ex-dragon lord. Honestly, Highfire sounds like a really promising show. It sounds like this odd cross between Pete’s Dragon, Swamp Thing, Ted, and Breaking Bad. To top it all off, the original book was the work of Eoin Colfer. Colfer is most famous for his Artemis Fowl books, which recently spawned an atrocious Disney movie that Colfer himself had no part in. Hopefully, Amazon won’t mess up as badly as Disney.


Nicholas Cage will be voicing a depressingly drunk dragon in Eoin Colfer’s adult fantasy comedy series Highfire, coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. How soon? We don’t know. But when we do, we’ll definitely be telling it here.

Source: Deadline