The long wait is over, well almost, we have a new teaser trailer from the mind of Matt Groening in his fantastical world of Disenchantment. Fans have been clamoring for the second half of Season 1 for some time now. Finally we can sink our teeth into it.

Where do we go from here?

Following the first season, it starts off with Elfo washing ashore somewhere, looking a bit dead and a funeral held for him BUT maybe he’s only “partially dead”.

With Elfo’s unknown lineage and whereabouts unknown who knows how he will come back?! Maybe we will only get a disembodied voice via blue flame! This second half of the first season is going to pick up right where we left off. What new adventures could our UNprincecessly semi-functioning alcoholic Princess Bean, her personal Demon, Luci and somehow Elfo the semi-half-elf come across?

What do you think can happen next for Disenchantment? Will it take a turn for the worst for our hero? Comment below what you think!

Find out when the FULL TRAILER drops in one week on September 5th!

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