Today at SDCC 2019 we have just had one of the most anticipated panels of the year, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It did not take long for the fans to get excited. The Panel started with a little teaser that gave you a more detailed look of Thra. We also got to see Gelflings, Skeksis, and a cast of new creatures that made you even more excited for the series. Lucky for us That Hashtag Show was able to attend the panel and give updates throughout.

Dark Crystal Panel begins

 Lisa Henson, Louis Leterrier and Taron Egerton came out to the stage and fans were already looking forward to the Dark Crystal panel. Then the Jedi Master …. I mean The Scientist, Mark Hamill joined them and Hall H went nuts.

Dark Crystal
Picture from SDCC 2019 by JJ Goodman

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Louis Leterrier who was the director for the whole series said that Netflix pushed to make the entire Dark Crystal series with puppets. Leterrier said because of this “Every shot is the most difficult of his career”. He also said that the puppeteers were the ones that brought the show to life. Leterrier also gave us an Easter egg in the series. The eye of the Scientist came from a Tie Fighter model, and guess what there is even a little Darth Vader inside. You can see the making of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance SDCC sneak Peek below.

The Dark Crystal Cast

Hamill was very excited about being brought into the Dark Crystal franchise. What he really liked about it was how “Dark and Gritty” it was. He will be playing the role of The Scientist in the series. Hamill also talked about how because you can’t be seen you’re more liberated to make really bold choices with your character. We even got a sample of The Scientist’s voice when a fan asked him if he could do the voice.

Taron Egerton who plays a Gelfling named Rian that works with the Skeksis and saw them drain a fellow Gelfling’s energy or what they call removing their essence. This impacted him deeply and wanted to show everyone what was happening. Egerton also described the vocal performances as just one layer of talent. He said it was easy to find the characters voice when working around all the creative talent on the set.

Lisa Henson

Lisa was very involved on the set of Dark Crystal. She talked about how everything from the original stuff from the movie was in storage so they pulled it out to base designs from there. Then everything was done in shop and was brought to the set brand new.  She also said that they have always wanted to make this series happen to continue her father’s work. They had tried many times before but with the help of Netflix it was finally able to happen. Doing so was “the greatest moment of [her] professionsal life,” Hensen said. “It came out so much better than I could have ever dreamed.

Dark Crystal

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