Looks like that NASA will get their space movie starring Tom Cruise after all. We’ll only have to wait just over a year for it, but well, SPACE!

Tom Cruise in an astronaut suit.
Eh, forget Tom Cruise. Let’s just focus on SPACE!

Apparently, NASA really wants to have a movie shot in outer space. In fact, it would be the first movie in history to do so. Not only that, but this history-making movie will be shot on the ISS. NASA wants this so much that they even hired Doug Liman (director of Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity) to direct it. And of course, what’s Edge of Tomorrow‘s director to do with the star of the movie: Tom Cruise?

Edge of Tomorrow movie poster.
Great movie, even if it has Tom Cruise in it.

Tom Cruise Space Movie Citation Needed

Where did this space movie news come from, you may ask? Well, according to the Space Shuttle Almanac on Twitter, Doug Liman and Tom Cruise are both scheduled to launch into space in October 2021.

So. Many. Spaceships.

Their ride? The SpaceX Dragon 2 reusable spacecraft: piloted by Lopez Alegria. Both Liman and Cruise are listed as space tourists, along with a mysteriously empty slot for tourist number 3. Who could this mysterious person be? Anything I say would be guessing at this point, but my money’s on Elon Musk himself.

Elon Musk as extra in space movie?
Elon Musk giving this space movie his okay.

I mean, think about it: this movie will make history as the first movie to be shot in space. It’s so history-making that Universal Pictures is throwing $200 million USD into the project. Given how much Elon Musk and SpaceX is all about space, it would be fitting for him to be in this movie.


Doug Liman and Tom Cruise look like they’re planning for October 2021 to begin filming for this space movie, along with an unidentified third person. We have no word on what the movie will be about, but well, it’s the first movie to be shot in space and it will be by the director of Edge of Tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I’m already hyped.

Source: JoBlo.com