More breaking movie news from SDCC 2019. If you are a fan of the 80s TV Series V well this announcement will make you happy. It looks like we are finally getting V The Movie written and directed by Kenneth Johnson. If that name sounds familiar to you it is because he was also the Writer – Director of the of the original V TV series as well. Rumors of the movie hit earlier this year but now we have confirmation!

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What to expect

Johnson said that V The Movie will lean on CGI very heavily because there is only so much they can do with practical effects. He also stated that casting for the movie will need to be age-appropriate, but he also likes to work with his friends. According to Johnson V the movie will have the original TV cast joining as well. It was also announced that if the first movie does well there will definitely be more V in the future. This is about all the news we have on this today but we will keep you informed as we get more.

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