Death In The Family New York Comic-Con panel

Today’s panel was an exciting one covering the soon to be released Death in the Family interactive movie.

The panel hosted producer/director/writer Brandon Vietti. Along with actors Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, and Zehra Fazal.

The beginning of the panel was spent explaining how the interactivity of the movie will work. Director Brandon Vietti explained that his goal was to replicate the feel of the original Death In The Family comic. In that comic readers were able to choose whether Jason Todd lived or died by calling into one of two different 900 numbers. Dialing one number registered a death vote. Dialing another number registered a live vote.

Original Death In The Family 900 Number

When moviegoers play the DVD. The movie will play normally up the same point that the original Death In the Family comic book did. From there the movie will pause the viewer will be able to choose not two, but three different options for where the movie goes. The three options given at that moment are ‘Robin lives’ ‘Robin cheats death’ and Robin dies’.

From there the movie will continue down the path the view chooses until coming to another set of options where the viewer will have to choose another outcome.

Every Choice Matters

Vietti made clear the choices and paths the viewer goes down are not small ones. Each different choice will be as impactful and life-changing to the character as weather or not Jason Todd lives or dies. A scene from later in the movie shows a heroic Todd as Red Robin reaching for a gun as Two-Face has him beaten and at gunpoint.

Actor Vincent Martella said he was actually surprised at how dark Vietti chose to take some of the paths. Stating that Vietti would often push just how broken the character had become on certain routes. Taking the character to places even the comics would not go.

Batman: Death In The Family releases on DVD October 13th.

Death In The Family DVD cover