“If you build it he will come.” You might remember this line from the 1989 classic Field of Dreams. Filmed in Dyersville, Iowa, and starring Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams gives us a story about a Farmer named Ray Kinsella that is inspired by a voice to build a baseball field that would become a place where dreams come true. Easily one of the top baseball movies of all time Field of Dreams shows us how the simple game of baseball can bring people together. Well now the year is 2021 and Dyersville, Iowa is about to become magical once again when the Yankees and White Sox will face off in the first-ever MLB game played there. To celebrate this event players will wear jerseys inspired by the movie. Here are the official details from Major League Baseball.

MLB at Field of Dreams

Inspired by the movie, the Yankees and White Sox will wear special uniforms for the MLB at Field of Dreams Game presented by Geico next Thursday — and that’s just one highlight of the unique twists of the game in Dyersville, Iowa. New York and Chicago will each have custom uniforms inspired by teams that played in the early 20th century, as they play the first Major League game in Iowa.

Field of Dreams
Photo: MLB.com

New York Yankees

The Yankees’ jerseys are gray with “New York” in navy blue lettering in an arc across the chest, but in a more throwback-style shape and without the typical white outline. There’s also no trim on the sleeves of the jerseys. New York’s caps will have a loose-knit version of the team’s usual interlocking “NY.”

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox jerseys are white with navy blue pinstripes, with a vintage bold “SOX” monogram on the left side of the chest — a large letter S with the O and X contained within the upper and lower loops. Chicago’s caps for the game will match the jerseys: plain white with navy pinstripes and no logo. In batting practice, they’ll wear a different version of the cap featuring the “SOX” monogram.

The game is scheduled to take place on Thursday, Aug. 12, and it will air live on FOX.

Field of Dreams
Photo: MLB

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Source: MLB.com