If you are a fan of video games, retro consoles, gaming celebrities, and more you just might want to head to the Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley, CA on September 12th for the Megabit Game Expo. This one-day event will be full of family gaming fun. Sponsored by Entertainment Earth you will find many vendors, art, and flashbacks to your early days of gaming thanks to The Art of Nintendo Power debut exhibit. Here are the official details.

MegaBit Game Expo

Megabit Game Expo

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Megabit Game Expo is coming to the Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley, CA on Sunday, September 12th 2021. The sister show to the successful Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest event, Megabit Game Expo is a full-day celebration of Video Games, Retro Consoles, Gaming Memorabilia, Video Game Art, and Industry Celebrities.

MegBit Game Expo

Sponsored by Entertainment Earth, Megabit Game Expo will host nearly 40 vendors, all selling video game-related merchandise. The show also features a special art gallery curated by The Art of Nintendo Power in its debut exhibit. The Art of Nintendo Power is a well-known non-profit experience owned by Simi Valley local Stephan Reese. The exhibit will showcase original pieces of art that were used on the covers of and inside the original Nintendo Power magazine, which ran from 1988 – 2012.

Megabit Game Expo Guests

Megabit Game Expo is welcoming three guests onto its show floor for attendees to meet including:

  •  Jon Bailey: Epic Voice Guy (best known as the voice of YouTube’s “Honest Trailers”)
  • Veteran cartoon, anime, and video game voice actor Dan Woren, best known for his work as Roy Fokker in Robotech,  Bleach, and many video game voices
  • Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Marc Durrant, who is famous locally and across social media for his incredible video game and pop culture tattoos! Marc’s highly detailed work is renowned for its color usage and for creating the unique “Gameframe” style of tattoo.
Megabit Game Expo

You Wont Want To Miss it

To show our love for the community, our excitement for the return of indoor events, and ensure that everyone who wants to come to the event has the opportunity, tickets for Megabit Game Expo are only $5 at the door. Children twelve and under are free.

Megabit Game Expo is a female owned and operated event, the brainchild of internet columnist and entrepreneur Loryn Stone. She is one half of Troublemakers Services, a group that owns and manages a portfolio of conventions and expos across California. Stone has two more single-day pop culture events coming to Ventura County, Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest at the Grand Vista Hotel on Sunday February 6th 2022 and Ventura Toy and Comic Expo at the Crowne Plaza Hotel May 23rd, 2022.

Stay Informed

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