Breaking news from the BBC today. The 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whitaker, time in the TARDIS is coming to a close and Showrunner Chris is departing with her.

Having been in charge of the TARDIS since filming for the Thirteenth Doctor began in 2017, Showrunner Chris Chibnall and the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, have confirmed they will be moving on from the most famous police box on Earth – and the universe. 

With a six-part season announced for the fall, and two specials already planned for 2022, BBC One has now asked for an additional final feature length adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor, to form a trio of specials for 2022, before the Doctor regenerates once more.


The Endless Child sees an Ending

Since the 13th Doctors’ descent onto our screens, fans have been on both sides of the fence with the character’s storylines. Now that we have a line in the sand of her end. Does that mean we are going to tie up the loose ends or will like other past storylines have frayed unresolved endings? With everything we learned from SDCC @ HOME, how can we tie this up in a TARDIS BLUE bow?

How will Yaz, The Doctor and new companion / FAM, played by actor John Bishop further the lore and stories of our time traveling trio? Will we get a call back to previous incarnations? Are there new stories to be told? More universe-sized cracks to loophole? There is a lot to unpack with this news, BUT we already need to start with the NEXT biggest question in the WHONIVERSE!

John Bishop joins the TARDIS alongside Mandip Gil and Jodie Whitaker in the upcoming season of Doctor Who
Photo Courtesy of BBC


That remains to be seen! There is so much potential for another new spin of who the doctor could be! Especially after learning about the Fugitive Doctor, played by Jo Martin, the first Person of Color to play the Time Lord. We of course will want to hear your fan casting ideas in the comments!

Thoughts from the Time Vortex

As a Doctor Who fan, we all know that this time was coming eventually. Every actor of course wants to move on in their career. We as fans should be excited to see what’s next. Too often the fanbase will turn and it was very evident in 2017 when the flat storytelling of the TARDIS FAM. I for one just look forward to the next episode/chapter and I hope you’ll all come along on the wibbly wobbly timey whimey trip with us too.

Ever since Capaldi’s run as The Doctor, seasons/series have been getting shorter and shorter. The Pandemic certainly didn’t help in any way but the production team has been stalwart in their COVID protocols.

As much and I don’t want to see Jodie Whitaker go as The Doctor. I think it’s a smart idea that Chibnall is leaving the series as well. Like I said already the storytelling is getting rather flat and even if we have that star power in The Doctor. I can see where having a new Doctor and new Showrunner can reinvigorate the franchise!

What do you think of today’s announcement? Who is your Doctor? Who do you want to see as the NEXT Doctor? Let us know in the comments below.

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