Thrawn and Ezra are back in the news again thanks to The Mandalorian actor Rosario Dawson. Rumors have already been flying around with a report from LRM online claiming that it has been confirmed that Mena Massoud will be playing the role of Ezra Bridger and Lars Mikkelsen will be portraying Grand Admiral Thrawn. While these rumors have been around for a while they really gained steam after Rosario Dawson posted (now-removed) on Instagram celebrating their casting news. StarWarsNewsNet took a screenshot of that post and shared it on Twitter.

Did Rosario Dawson Confirm Casting Rumors

Now does this really confirm that these casting rumors are true? It could be, but she could have also been like most fans and got excited about seeing the posts and just shared it out of excitement. Again like always until we hear it come from Lucasfilm or Disney we need to take this with a grain of salt. But I will be one to say I hope these rumors are true and we will get to see Thrawn and Ezra one more time.

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What do you think about the casting of Mena Massoud and Lars Mikkelsen? Do you think Rosario Dawson confirmed the casting with that post? Also, what other characters would you like to see make the jump from animated to live-action? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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