Coming off the bread crumbs that were dropped in MIGHTY MORPHIN #8 we don’t get too much resolution. Instead, we get more drama added to the story.

Back in the Morphin Past

Zartus seems to have the best of intentions right now trying to protect everyone. But this last panel has me worried that he has his own agenda. You can see the result in POWER RANGERS #8

Getting back to the “REAL WORLD” in Angel Grove

What really is normal now that you’ve been under an Alien lockdown? How do you as people persevere? The amount of teen angst in this issue is palpable. It’s oozing off the page! Matt now using his newfound celebrity seems to be taking small advantages citing that he has ranger work to do.

The community for a while seems to be confused on how to move forward. You can get a sense of PTSD going on with the civilians. Skull on the other hand his still searching for his girlfriend. Kimberly and Aisha are beside themselves wishing they could tell Eugene the truth.

Then The Plot Splits

We have a few storylines we need to follow from here and with them come more drama.

  1. Zelya is captured on the moon. She is being obstinate with her would be captors playing school yard tricks on Squat and Baboo.
  2. The Rangers go to a dog park to investigate weird energy signals and find a chaos putty hiding as a Pug. Matt shows up also investigating and calls out the team. Tommy and him have a tet a tet while fighting the Pug Putty. Then the Rangers minus Billy were transported back to the command center and Zordon explains that Billy is on the reserve list and not allowed at the command center because of giving away the Green Power Coin.
  3. Supreme Guardian Zartus arrives to find his missing soldier, Zelya AKA Skulls girlfriend, and is introduced to the rangers. Which changes the mood in the command center after the bombshell of Billy’s choice. Zartus also wants the make an alliance with Earth and “Bring them into the fold”
  4. Zedd finaly shows up in the last few pages visiting Zelya in her cell. the 2 have a scuffle and Zedd clearly has the upper hand from his previous encounter with Eltarians. Zedd and Zelya start to have a heated discussion but he tells her that she will be let go. all he wants to do it tell her a story, a story of her people…

Thoughts From The Grid

Like I said this story is wreaking of drama. Almost like a 00’s CW series. we are finally getting the connections we want across the 2 series. But, I’ll stand by my opinion that Power Rangers is far superior at this point. Mighty Morphin is solid don’t get me wrong but trying to find new and inventive spins on the old classic is getting in the way of the action. This series, I think, is going to be a slow burn with an explosive ending. Till then we are just along for the ride.

One thing I do appreciate is how Zedd is being handled. He’s playing the long game. Just a suggestion reader. If you are hearing him in your head don’t play up the rowdy aspects of the late Robert Axelrod. Read it calmly almost akin to Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock. I’m picking up a very sociopathic tone from Zedd. Like he would rather break you mentally than just destroy for the sake of it.

Big props to making the Bandorians a race with the nod to Queen Bandora from Zyuranger! AKA Rita’s Sentai Counterpart.

Covers Like No Others

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