This week from DC Comics we meet back up with Diana as she continues her world hopping. When left her, Siegfried, and Ratatosk, they had just portal jumped after Janus into their next new world. Diana looked up and…could it be? Did this just happen? Are they home? Diana looked around and realized they finally reached Earth. They were home!…..yeaahhh….Don’t think so. Of course writers wouldn’t make it that easy on her. Earth it may be. Home it most definitely is not. Wonder Woman 777 welcome to Woman’s World!

Wonder Woman 777 – Welcome To the Justice Guild

Diana and Company not only landed on Earth, but they just happened to stand in front of the Hall of Justice. What better way to end this battle than to recruit help from the Justice League. They walk in and Diana begins to realize something looks off. The Hall of Heroes still has statues of the Leagues heroes, but don’t they look a bit curvier than normal? And is Diana’s statue missing its head? Then again isn’t it looking a bit butch?

Finally a Storm inspired Miss Martian walks in on our group sporting a new white mohawk. Except it isn’t MISS Martian, It’s MARSHA Manhunter. Diana and her group are taken before the Justice League only to realize where they were. We see the suits we expect – the Bat, Super suit, Aqua suit, Flash suit and more, but every one of them is a woman! They did not land on Earth Prime. They landed on Earth 11 where the Justice Squad is a team of all women.

So who is the chief enemy of the Justice Squad? A man of course, but not just any man. As on Earth Prime where Diana was sole woman on the team, the sole man on the Justice Squad was Diana’s doppelganger Wonder Man. He betrayed the Squad and sat in prison until Janus broke him out. Unlike Earth Prime this Wonder Man seems to possess the power to defeat the entire Justice Squad.

Wonder Woman 777 – Slippery Little Thing

Diana manages to take down Wonder Man. I love Siegfried’s Asgardian humor and bravado during the fight. In a woman’s world its the ultimate form of male chivalry. Things look under control until Janus herself shows up. Her powers exceed even that of Diana’s. Janus gains the upper hand in the fight, but thankfully Siegfried and Ratatosk intervene and turn the tide. That is until Deadman shows up. He tries to help, but only gets in the way. Janus not only takes him prisoner, but after a couple of remarks it sounds like Janus actually targeted Deadman. He was the goal this whole time.

With a hostage Janus manages to slip through a portal once more, but Diana holds it open as it closes allowing Siegfried and Ratatosk to slip through ahead of her. The multiverse jumping continues apparently. They do not know where they landed, but what happens next really makes you stop and think.

In previous reviews, I wondered if Siegfried and Diana were on the verge of couple-hood. The ending for Wonder Woman 777 really makes me wonder what their future will be. A bond is forming, but what type? They could be on the verge of becoming lovers, but what if they aren’t? One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to make couples out of brothers/sisters. People that go through extreme circumstances do not need to become lovers. They become bonded in friendship deeper than any other relationship because of the hardships they faced. A perfect example would be something like Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings. If Diana and Siegfried simply become deeply bonded friends, I’d actually like that.

We will see when the squad continues their hunt for Janus next issue.

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