One of the greatest things about Star Wars is how quickly something can bring fans altogether. Well, this past weekend at a convention called PopCon in Indianapolis Indiana we had one of those moments. There on the PopCon Facebook page, an image was captured that not only melted the hearts of Star Wars fans but reminded us what Star Wars is all about. If you have been on social media you have probably seen the picture. It is of The Mandalorian actor, Emily Swallow, and a child dressed as Swallow’s character the Armorer.

Emily Swallow with child armorer cosplayer
Photo Credit: PopCon

“All the feels at #PopCon2021 #emilyswallow #mandalorian #armorer,” is what was written with this picture and they are absolutely right. I mean how amazing is it to capture this moment on camera? Not only will this be something this child will remember the rest of their life, but it also reminded us fans that Star Wars is about the memories and the happiness that it has brought us as adults and as children. So thank you for this moment Emily Swallow, the Armorer, and the Armorer’s team that put this cosplay together. This was something that all fans needed to see. “This is the way!”