So what are you waiting for? Rob Liefeld, creator of X-Force and Deadpool made a new G.I. Joe comic called Snake Eyes: Deadgame. The new comic recently ended its 5-issue run with an explosive ending. If you wanted to see an all-star list of comic book creators, this has it. Larry Hama, Kevin Eastman (TMNT), Neil Adams, and more line the pages of all five issues.

Rob went over his inspirations, his choices in Snake Eyes: Deadgame, and more in this interview. If you’re a fan of X-Force, Deadpool, or any of his other work, this interview is for you.

Make sure to go to whatever place you get your comics to grab Snake Eyes: Deadgame. Rob Liefeld dialed up the action to 11 in this series and it’s well worth your read. You can see his passion, his experience, and his motivation behind making this intense comic series.

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