The wait for Marvel Studio’s Black Widow is almost over! The solo, spy action thriller will be punching it’s way into theaters tomorrow, July 9th. (For those who don’t want to watch it in theaters, it will also be available on Disney+ Premier Access for $30.00.) This is first major Marvel film to appear theaters in over a year. Those who are Natasha Romanoff fans can expect something quite exciting.. and if you want to get her signature look, you can, at the Avengers Campus!

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Recruits at the Avengers Campus can catch a glimpse at the new, Black Widow snow suit this month. For those who are not familiar with the Avengers Campus, it’s located at Disney California Adventure. She will be patrolling the campus and greeting fellow recruits. Make sure to look towards the rooftops, however. There you may find her battling it out against Taskmaster! (He, of course, is an as assassin and Black Widow’s antagonist in both the comics and the upcoming film.)

Black Widow arrives at the Avengers Campus

Black Widow
Image: Marvel Studios

Black Widow’s new appearance at the Avengers Campus joins Loki’s recent arrival. He has appeared in his TVA Prisoner Jumpsuit and “Variant” Jacket at the Avengers Campus. The new attraction continues to grow and add even more Marvel merchandise, too. From Black Widow, to Loki, to Spider-Man and more, there’s something for every Marvel fan to be had. Just watch out for Natasha making year another superhero landing somewhere nearby.

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