So we’re in the midst of Loki fever, but what about some future Marvel projects? One of the most anticipated is the Marvel Studios version of Fantastic Four. The movie was announced at the Disney Investor’s Meeting last December, and we haven’t heard much about it, until now. According to our friends at FandomWire, there are at least two actors who are NOT part of the casting process.

It’s long been a fan-casting dream to have John Krasinski and Emily Blunt play Reed Richards and Sue Storm in the film. According to their sources, those two are not involved with the film. Now they don’t say who actually is involved, but for now, because this isn’t confirmed by Marvel or Disney, this should be placed firmly in the rumor category.

I’d love to see them as the characters, but there are plenty of actors out there who can fill those shoes just as well. Recently, Kevin Feige told ET on the red carpet for Black Widow that we’re not getting any Fantastic Four news soon. That’s just more to add to the flame of speculation on the casting of Marvel’s first family.

So, What Are They Actually Looking For?

FandomWire’s source had this to say about what they’re looking for in casting:

“Marvel wants most, if not all four members to be diverse, so they are looking to specifically cast people of color. They also want this new team to be younger, aged 20s-30s. They plan to keep Sue and Johnny as actual siblings this time in the same race, but they are open to mixing all races in casting this family. For example, Human Torch and Invisible Woman could be Latinos, allowing Mr. Fantastic to be Black or Asian. They are still very open.”

For now, this might be the only news we have regarding it. Take it with a grain of salt, because the film is still a ways off.

So, what do you think of this update to Fantastic Four? Are you excited for the upcoming film?

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Source: FandomWire