Following up on our last issue the Omega Rangers are set free by the Queen of Hartunia as she is trying to save her people behind her misogynistic husband’s back.

Destruction is Imminent – Power Rangers #8

Drakkon smug as ever cracking jokes over the destruction of an entire species. He does have some Thanos-like clarity of how it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to take out a bully of an empire.

Rangers Down on the Surface

The Queen humbly grovels in front of her loyal subjects begging the Rangers to save her planet. Of course, can’t say no to a plea for help. Jason and Trini Zord Up as Zack helps the Queen save the people. Meanwhile, the imbecilic “King” sends out his soldiers to the slaughter at this stunningly designed new Empyreal. Who in-kind creates some sort of vile alien beasts to slay the King’s fodder.

And Then……..Thoughts from the Morphin Grid?!

Ranger Nation – after all this time doing these reviews, I can’t in good conscience spoil this issue. I know the last 2 issues from both Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers were easy reads and hoping that something will come to a head. At the end of this issue, Ryan Parrott throws us a curveball that the title of this article will make complete sense! Trust me and my love of the Morphin Grid you must get out and read this issue ASAP!

Power Rangers Interstellar Covers

All 3 main covers come with Virgin Variants as well. Also, the Blank Variant will be Purple. You can find them in your Local Comic Shop. Then jump back in the comments and let us know what you thought about the issue!

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