In BRZRKR #3, we get to see more of B’s past. A past that he most definitely doesn’t want to remember.

BRZRKR #3 cover A.
John Wick, how did you get in here? Oh, wait. Cover art by Rafael Grampá.

To recap on the previous issues of BRZRKR: B is our “hero” of the story, and he’s an immortal warrior who has been alive for a very, very long time. He has been fighting for many sides, but in this story, he’s basically an invincible assassin for the US government and military. And then he starts recounting his story to a doctor while undergoing treatment. What is the doctor treating him for? Why, his immortality, don’t you know? Apparently, B wants to die, and well, his backstory seems to be leading to the “Why” part. This issue seems to heavily hint at that, which we’ll see now.

BRZRKR #3 is the work of the legendary Keanu Reeves and the equally-as-legendary Matt Kindt (Folklords, Bang!) as writers. Ron Garney serves as the artist, Bill Crabtree is the colorist, and Clem Robins is the letterer. And of course, BOOM! Studios is the publisher for this comic book.

BRZRKR #3 will go on sale from BOOM! Studios on June 16, 2021, for $3.99. You can get the physical copies at your local comic book shop. Or, if you want the digital version, you can head on over to websites like ComiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle to get it there.

Warning: spoilers for BRZRKR #3 below. If you have any interest in reading about the bloody adventures of an immortal not-Highlander, come back here after you have done so.

BRZRKR #3: Plot Summary

BRZRKR #3 preview page 3.
Oh, the ludicrous prehistoric gibs.

The plot in BRZRKR #3 is basically B continuing his recounting of his past to that nice(?) female doctor who’s trying to help him die. Most of this recounting is basically him killing people. Lots of people. So many that they form a nice big corpse-field for fertilizer. In fact, B has killed so many people that all of the villages surrounding his village are all gone. Wiped off the face of the earth.

And yet, people still keep coming, trying to kill B. Which means that his father has to have B hit villages and towns that are farther and farther away. So much so that B is starting to question if this is even necessary. Seriously, he’s really getting tired of having to constantly kill lots and lots of people. Really, he’s only doing this to earn his father’s approval and love, and even that is starting not to be enough. Heck, even his father is starting to freak out after B massacred a town’s women and children on his own orders. BRZRKR, indeed.

B’s mother decides that enough is enough. She apparently does…something with her magic. Something involving red lightning. Unfortunately, that’s when B decides to clam up for the day, leaving both the doctor and us hanging in the breeze. We get a little bit more about the US government really wanting to find out where B lived, and how to make more of him, but that’s it for now. Hopefully, we’ll get the rest of the story in the next issue of BRZRKR.

BRZRKR #3: The Good

BRZRKR #3 preview page 4.
Blood for the blood god! Oh wait, wrong story.

I think one of the best things about BRZRKR as a whole is the stylistically gratuitous violence. It puts me in mind of the John Wick movies, which is pretty ironic considering that Keanu Reeves basically came up with this whole story. BRZRKR #3 is no exception to this, and really, this particular issue contains the most violence out of all of them so far. It somehow even manages to outdo the first issue, which already had pretty impressive amounts of blood and gore in its own right. The violence is everywhere, and yet there’s a sort of artistic style to it that puts me in mind of Tokyo Ghoul, but a lot more brutal. I would say that this particular issue would make a great action movie because of that.

B himself is also one of the most interesting things about BRZRKR. He’s a surprisingly complex character in spite of how simplistic he appears to be on the surface. It’s almost like he has 2 sides within him: a normal guy who just wants a normal life, and a berserker that wants to kill, slay and generally worship Khorne in all his glory. The 2 sides keep trading places at the driver’s seat, but the normal guy seems to be in control over all, and this guy doesn’t like all the “Blood for the blood god” business. It’s probably the result of how he loses his tribe, but I presume that’s a story for the next issue.

BRZRKR #3: The Bad

BRZRKR #3 preview page 6.
Well, he definitely feels bad here, even if this isn’t a bad thing.

Hmm, well, time for more nitpicking. I can see any other way to criticize BRZRKR #3. I guess the worst thing I could say about this comic book is how it basically left off on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end. That kinda sucks, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next issue.


BRZRKR #3 from BOOM! Studios continue the bloody story of B as he retells his past to a maybe-nice lady doctor. His past so far somehow manages to rack up an even bigger body count than his present-day actions, while also making himself more human. Unfortunately, he leaves his tale of his past on a bit of a cliffhanger. We’ll just have to see what happens next in the next issue of this comic book.

Source: BOOM! Studios