Last week we talked about the return of Norman Osborn to the MCU. This week, we’re talking about Sony’s film plans for their Souls (Dark Souls, Demon Souls) franchise, and in particular, Bloodborne.

For those unfamiliar, the Souls franchise is a series of games where players battle demonic and gruesome monsters. As players engage in grueling (and particularly difficult) fights they gain souls to level up, and new gear to equip on their hero. These games have gained notoriety as of late for their incredible difficulty and grotesque monster designs.

Since partnering with HBO on the upcoming Last Of Us series, Sony and HBO are both keen to bring more franchises to HBO Max. We can exclusively share that Bloodborne is in early development as a limited run series.

The Details Of Bloodborne The Series

An early version of the script exists along with some concept art, both of which I’ve seen. The story will be similar in structure to movies like Dread or The Raid, with the protagonist set with a seemingly simple task but has to work through a series of battles with enemies. Each episode of the proposed 8-episode season sees the protagonist fighting a boss from the game in the climax. Between what I’ve seen in the script and of concept art, these will be visual feasts for the eyes, and in keeping with the Souls brand of bloody violence.

Sony is currently dissatisfied with some elements of the script and it is undergoing a re-write. Though, many elements, including the climatic boss fight for each episode, remain. We don’t have any casting news. However, it’s said they are looking for a lead actor who has a strong background in stunt work.

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