The conclusion to the coinless is here. The 3 issue Drakkon New Dawn series wraps up how the Ranger Slayer deals with Drakkon’s contingency plan.

Seeing Red In Drakkon New Dawn #3

With Jason restoring his powers he’s touting the fact that he and the last of coinless should morph up and clean this place up. Kim is furious with Jason’s actions leaving her army defenseless as they descended upon Eclitpa and killing half of Kim’s forces.

Jason is persistent in saying that the rangers need to take back their power as if it was their birthright. Giving Zach and Trini back their respective coins. But they all conclude that even if they don’t have the power they are still rangers, protectors of the Earth!

There is a huge one page that hits so hard, sorry didn’t get one for this article.

So we fight on, without the Power Rangers?

Yes and No! Kim has come to the conclusion that if everyone needs to save the world together. Having Finster 5 take the cannon from the half-built Black Dragon Zord and turning it into another diffuser. Scoprina is happy to get her army back. But Kim even sacrificing her power convinces the other rangers to give up their power and infuse EVERYONE and add them to the Morphin Grid!

These new “suits” are the strangest amalgams I have ever seen in the history of rangers.

As the battle ensues Kim is motivating everyone saying they are no longer the coinless they are “THE SHATTERED” together with a devastating attack from Jason with copilots Bulk and Skull in the ZERD (Lord Zedd Zord) bring Eclipta down to size. Finally, The Shattered’s powers fade, and Eclipta start fighting one on one with nothing to protect them. until as one force they pummel her in a huge gang.


Finster 5 and Kim discuss how Eclipta was just a scout for Dark Spectre. But no matter what they will build a new world with new hope. They might have been The Shattered but they are not broken.

Drakkon New Dawn #3 Overall review

To be honest this could have been drawn out into 5 issues easily! Everything was so forced to fit the 3 issue format it felt a bit contrived. Did we get the story we wanted? I think so, but this would have made a better Soft Cover special edition for Drakkon New Dawn #3. Did we get everything tied up in a bow at the end? WELL… I didn’t mention a few panels so there is a sliver of hope for this world to be revisited in the future.

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