Great news, Loki fans! The mischievous god’s Disney+ TV series will debut sooner than expected.

Tom Hiddleston himself revealed the news in a new video from Marvel. Watch the announcement below:

As Hiddleston says, Wednesdays are the new Fridays for MCU fans. Loki previously announced a Friday premiere (June 11), following the footsteps of the previously released Marvel shows on Disney+. (WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier both aired weekly on Fridays.)

Instead, Loki will premiere Wednesday, June 9. So, not significantly sooner, but fans itching for the show will be able to mark 48 hours off their wait time.

Loki will show the God of Mischief step out of his brother’s shadow in a new series. After absconding with the Tesseract, he’s a fish-out-of-water when he lands in a world of trouble with the bureaucratic TVA (Time Variance Authority).

So, are you looking forward to Loki? Excited to see the show move up, even a little? Will Wednesdays prove your new favorite day of the week? Let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, check back to THS for more Marvel updates.

Source: Disney