As it turns out, the stories of heroes clashing with villains is a popular one in Japan as well, which makes sense. After all, My Hero Academia is a manga and anime, after all. So the fact of that shouldn’t be all that surprising. What might be surprising is just how popular the series is.

Really, what’s amazing is what series are beating My Hero Academia.

According to MHA News on Twitter, My Hero Academia season 5 is dominating the streaming services in its home field of Japan. They report that on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, this superhero anime managed to snag second place in terms of most-streamed series on both streaming services. Considering the sheer size of both of those streaming services, it’s no small feat. Really, what’s even more amazing is what My Hero Academia isn’t number one on either service, given how popular the anime is.

My Hero Academia: There’s Always a Bigger Fish

My Hero Academia season 5 on Amazon Prime Video.
Why, oh why isn’t MHA the top series here?

You will definitely be surprised at what series is beating My Hero Academia in terms of most-streamed videos. First off, on Prime Video, the winner for the coveted number one spot is…Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. Yep, turns out another kind of classic tale beats out superheroes. It seems sword and sorcery and high fantasy stories aren’t dead yet. Not by a long shot. J. R. R. Tolkien would be proud here.

My Hero Academia season 5 on Netflix.
Godfather? Is that you?

As for Netflix, the series that beat My Hero Academia isn’t even an anime. It’s a live action South Korean crime drama TV series called Vincenzo. Yeah, it looks like a crime/legal drama that takes inspiration from both The Godfather and possibly shows like Law & Order as well. Well, Law & Order if it was about a crooked legal firm trying to destroy a crooked business, at any rate. I guess a morally ambiguous story about criminals trying to beat other criminals beats out a story about heroes clashing with villains.


My Hero Academia season 5 is dominating the streaming services in Japan. The anime managed to get the number 2 spot as the most-streamed series on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. How is it doing in the US, you might ask? Well, that’s a story we’ll have to wait for later.

Source: Twitter