Yasuke will release on Netflix23 days from now on April 29, 2021 as of this writing. In anticipation of this, Netflix have just dropped a new official trailer for this anime:

And with epic music by Flying Lotus to boot.

This YouTube trailer not only introduces us to the titular Yasuke, but it even shows his origin story in this anime. We see his humble beginnings as a servant/slave to a European trader trying to make a quick buck in Japan. Then Yasuke involves himself in a fight between a grown man with a sword and a child, and gets the attention of Oda Nobunaga. The rest is, how we say, history.

In addition, Netflix also revealed some key cast details for Yasuke. You may not recognize the characters, but quite a few of the voice actors and actresses might be familiar. This includes:
Nobunaga – Takehiro Hira
Saki – Maya Tanida
Natsumaru – Ming-Na Wen
Morisuke – Paul Nakauchi
Haruto – Darren Criss
Nikita – Julie Marcus
Achoja – William Christopher Stephens
Ishikawa – Dia Frampton
Abraham – Don Donahue
Daimyo – Amy Hill
Kurosaka (Dark General) – Noshi Dalal

Yasuke Trailer: More Details

Yasuke key art.
Yasuke and his glowing kid go fight a big face in the sky?

The latter half of the Yasuke trailer is where it really starts to show off the alternate history aspects. Which makes sense, since the anime takes place mostly in the parts after Yasuke left Nobunaga’s service. We see him making himself a simple life in an ordinary Japanese village, and only goes back to being a hero after a woman begs him to help her save her daughter from an illness.

And that’s where Yasuke throws out any pretenses of being purely a history, and where we get into the science fiction/fantasy elements. We see that the “illness” the little girl has involves telekinetic incontinence, which is an atypical symptom of any disease. Then we see what looks like onmyodo priests practicing dark magic (you can tell from the purple aura), an old demon woman, and even a giant robot with arm blasters. If you only like real history shows, this may not be for you. But for the rest of us, I think the science fantasy bits are the highlight of Yasuke, right?


Netflix just dropped a slick new Yasuke trailer. With just 2 days before the anime debuts on April 29, 2021; it’s only natural that they want to build up the hype for it. If a science fantasy alternate history anime about a real life black samurai interests you, or if you’re just a fan of LeSean Thomas, Flying Lotus, or Studio MAPPA; check it out on Netflix on that day. You’ll be in for a wild ride.

Source: YouTube