It’s funny how as I’m writing these 2 articles other ranger outlets start running with speculations on the next wave. Even better Hasbro OFFICIALLY announces Dino Thunder White, albeit with an apology on their Twitter. Part 2 is going to highlight some of the problems or missteps and opportunities. Along the way, I will be throwing my ideas in the hat and by all means, take em!


Paint Appliques are by far the most important part of a figure. But if you look across the board of Hasbro’s $20 figure line. Not all brands are getting the same appliques or treatment.

Let’s compare Roadblock from the G.I. Joe Classified line Vs Zeo Gold. Check out the detail on his “bandolier” strap on his shoulder. So why couldn’t we get consistent color on Trey? They got the color right on the Jason SDCC 2 pack. Also if you take a chance to look at Roadblocks weapon it has detailed paint. Don’t get me wrong the fine detail molding is great on the Zeo staff but could we get the detail paint too? The only big detail for me was missing the black wash in the leg and armbands.

your writers custom paint job

I am not a professional but this was my attempt at making him more consistent. I know still have some clean up to do. But I love having to spend $20 on a figure and then spend another $7 just for supplies to make him look the way he should have already come…

If you go back and read my article about the Omega Ranger Amazon exclusive. That was my first crack at Hasbro, now comparing against the Joes. Roadblock and countless other figures can get little blue details in there but we can get a painted Morpher? Let’s not forget that S.P.D. Omega didn’t have ANY paint on his back to follow the roman numeral 6 around his suit. I guess that was the pass because we got his Uniforce cycle.

Even between 2 waves paint is dwindling. In wave 4, Zeo Blue’s Power Pod Sword had the pommel painted just a few months later in wave 6 Zeo Red’s is not. Thanks, MCUcollector for noticing that one.

I could go on about the Dino Thunder White helmet. But its the detail in the accessories not just for this figure but all of them.

I came across the near screen accurate custom a few weeks ago online. Again I as if Hasbro can put the detail in the other lines why can’t we get the same amount of respect? They totally passed over the missing hand paint the Morpher and the Drago sword.


After paint, accessories are just as important for playability and accuracy. Going back to Zeo Rangers why didn’t we get the sheathed version of their Pod sword? But here is the biggest WTF. Tommy once again got his individual weapon the Zeo Sword but where are the Zeo axes for Rocky? A hypothetical too: If we did get the Pod Sword would we get to make the advanced pistol? We know Jack from S.P.D. can put together his blasters.

Wheres the Savage Sword?!

When the Ranger Nation heard about this Psycho 5 pack the cry of joy could be heard on KO-35! when we got it. first ill have to say I was disappointed in the paint. I think they should have gone for a metallic tone. Back to the point WHERE is Psycho Pink’s, Savage Sword?! This Iconic villain weapon was a huge plot point in the show!

3 Zeo Staffs?

Photo Courtesy of MMPRTOYS

Why? Seriously does anyone out there which one is not screen accurate and which version are we missing? This is the one time where the accessories were overdone!

Playing Head Games

The majority are good a few are mediocre then there’s Billy! The Head molds leave a little to be desired. Let’s again compare to other lines for this one I’m going to use the Ghostbusters because they have real-life counterparts like our rangers!

The Ghostbuster Franchise is almost 40 years old and Power Rangers is sitting at 26. Explain how Dr. Venkman can get and UNCANNY likeness while Billy looks more like Pudgy Pig?

Zach is another classic MMPR figure who now has 2 head molds! But it’s pretty bad/awesome when the actor has to call someone out!
Zach throwing shade on Hasbro

Speaking about head games can we remember our human anatomy? Where are the figures’ necks? Lastly inconsistent helmets. Some come to a natural point like a human’s head is inside. Others are too round with a wide chin.

For the Future of the Line

I’m going to throw out a bunch of ideas here so if you’re listening Hasbro take them! I’d be happy to be an independent R&D for you because it seems like you don’t have any real ranger fans working on the toy line!

Here is my list of suggestions to increase sales

  • Put a lesser popular character with a more popular one.
    • Put a female figure in with the 6th ranger or Red ranger. We know in the past a female figure doesn’t sell as well as their male counterparts.
  • Sell in just 2-Packs
    • Most ranger teams are 6 rangers. If you intend on doing the whole season maybe doing 2 packs again with a lesser popular ranger paired with a popular one.
    • Hasbro knows for a fact anything during the Zordon Era is your cash cow! Do one Zordon Era fig per wave! Particularly with MMPR, you have the tv show, the movie, ninjetti suits (from the fans) Slow down production too! Instead of cranking out plastic take your time to get those details! Also, every wave doesn’t need a Tommy figure either.
  • Bye Bye Blast Effect
    • Instead of doing the blast effects spend those extra pennies on another thing like detail paint or another accessory.
  • Add-on packs
    • Do smaller say $15 accessory packs. That would be a great way to make up for the figures that are missing individual weapons… and sell them just on the website to avoid distribution issues.
  • Search the internet for an R&D team
    • With the power of the internet, everyone has an opinion. Find people who love the franchise and would be constructive in the process.

For example, selling in packs: When I think of series like Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder, and RPM. You can easily split up the team into packs. Let’s use Jungle Fury

  • Pack 1: Casey, Theo, and Lily, Pack 2: RJ and Dom, Pack 3: Daishi and Camille, Pack 4: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE SPIRIT RANGERS

Hasbro you have a huge fan base of 25+ years at your disposal. All we are trying to get across is to slow down and get it right before your huge market becomes a niche market.

How do you like this list? What figures are you craving to spend cash on? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page. Till then stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek and RANGER pop culture.