The smell of popcorn, sitting in the reclining seats, and watching your heroes come to life on the big screen. To me there is nothing better then seeing that movie you have been waiting for all year at the movie theater. But after today’s Warner Bros. announcement, could all of that be a thing of the past? Did we just witness the shot that will start the death of the movie theater industry?

The Covid-19 Bounce Back May Not Be Enough To Save The Movie Theaters

2020 has already been a rough year for the movie theater industry. With the Coronavirus Pandemic reeking havoc throughout the nation, people were prohibited or refused to gather indoors were there could be big crowds. As the year went on and some of the restrictions were lifted people slowly started to fill the seats again at some theaters around the country. After going months with no revenue the theater industry started to thrive and with a vaccine on the way it was looking good, until todays news from Warner Bros.

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Did Warner Bros. Fire The Fatal Shot That Will Kill The Movie Industry?

Just in case you missed the announcement, Warner Bros will release all of its 2021 films to the streaming service HBO Max to run concurrent with the theatrical release. So, what this means is now instead of having to go to the theater to catch the new blockbuster you want to see, you can now just do it from home sitting on the couch. Of course some people might say, “Yeah that sounds great”, but to me there is no better experience then seeing it first in the theater. Also what happens when other streaming services decided they want to do this to stay competitive. Can you just image the impact it would have if all the Star Wars and Marvel movies did the same on Disney+? What will happen then to the theater industry?

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I Want To Hear From You

What kind of impact do you think the Warner Bros. announcement will have on the theater industry? Are you in favor of this plan? Do you think that other streaming services will start doing the same to stay competitive? Also since we are talking about movie theaters what was your favorite movie on the big screen? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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