Godzilla Minus One is quite possibly one of the best Godzilla films made to date. Seriously, director Takeshi Yamazaki had a hit on his hands when the film made its debut in Japanese theaters nationwide on November 3, 2023. All on a budget significantly under $15 million USD to boot. When you consider that this latest Godzilla film made back $106.7 million USD at the box office, you can really call this film nothing but a massive success story. Even without delving into the rave reviews it got from critics and audiences alike. Thus, you can understand why various companies would want to cash in on it with collaborations. This now apparently includes the collectibles store Super7.

Godzilla Minus One x Super7 Collab: Details

Now you too can wear Godzilla on your shirt.

Super7 is proud to announce that they have entered a collaboration with Godzilla Minus One. What does this collab entail, you might ask? Well, for this collab, the stars of the show will be a pair of black T-shirts featuring the film’s version of Godzilla front and center. They come in both a long-sleeved version and a short-sleeved version to fit your personal preference, as well as the local weather. Both of them are black though, so you might want to save them for slightly colder climates than hot California summers. You can check out what they look like below:

Long Sleeve Tee ~ MSRP: $40

Godzilla Minus One longsleeve tee graphic.
Godzilla for those California winters.

Godzilla has emerged from the depths to upend life as we know it, for both Tokyo and your wardrobe! This Toho Godzilla Minus One long-sleeve is inspired by cinema posters for the 2023 film Godzilla Minus One and features a ferocious-looking Godzilla and the Minus One logo on the front, as well as a large “GODZILLA” graphic on the right sleeve. 100% cotton, machine washable, and available in black, sizes S-3X.

Short Sleeve Tee ~ MSRP: $30

Godzilla Minus One ocean tee graphic.
And now it’s Godzilla for those California summers. All while imagining the Jaws theme song playing in the background.

Godzilla has emerged. Godzilla cannot be stopped, and Godzilla. Is. COMING! This Toho Godzilla Minus One t-shirt is inspired by the ocean scenes from the 2023 film Godzilla Minus One, where Godzilla inexorably advances toward Japan, despite the best efforts of scientists and the newly formed Japanese Defense Force. 100% cotton, machine washable, and available in black, sizes S-3X.

Tune back in to THS to find out more about Godzilla Minus One merch when we do. Including any more Super7 merchandise if they make any more. Speaking of which, you can check out their official website for more of their merch. Including their non-Godzilla merch.