It seems that Pacific Rim: The Black is a pretty good anime series. So much so that Netflix has already ordered a second season.

Perhaps we can even find out why it’s called “The Black”.

Netflix officially confirms via Twitter that a second season of Pacific Rim: The Black is in the pipe and on the way. Unfortunately, that work in progress message is all we’ve got for today. There is no release date for this second season yet. We’ll just have to wait for Netflix to release more official information later. Stay tuned for more.

Pacific Rim: The Mad Max Edition?

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 poster.
If Mad Max and Godzilla had a love child together.

So why is Pacific Rim: The Black so popular? Well, the setting is definitely a big factor there for this Netflix anime. The whole series takes place in a post-apocalyptic Australia. That’s right. This is basically Mad Max: The Anime, but with kaiju and big stompy mecha thrown in for kicks. And punches. And all the other things a big stompy mecha can do.

But I miss Gipsy Danger.

Because you know, Australia clearly wasn’t dangerous enough with all those venomous spiders and snakes. As that Pacific Rim: The Black trailer showed, kaiju can come in “small”, tiger-sized forms too. Not sure if that still qualifies them to be kaiju, but that makes them a heck of a lot more dangerous. At least, to individual humans. The big stompy mecha probably have no problems crushing one of those. Literally.


Netflix is renewing Pacific Rim: The Black for a second season. That’s it as far as official news though, since we have no release date yet. Who’d have thought that an anime adaptation of Guillermo del Toro’s live-action movie about giant mecha beating up giant kaiju would be so popular? If you too want to see anime giant mecha fighting anime kaiju, check out the series on Netflix.

Source: Twitter