The Hollywood blockbusters that wouldn’t quit are coming to 4K Ultra HD. With the surprising greatness of the first film and the second film kicking off adding Dwayne Johnson to every franchise to save it, these two are sure to be great ones for your collection. For the first time, both films are coming to 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision and HDR-10. G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra stars Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rachel Nichols, Ray Park, Dennis Quaid, and Christopher Eccleston.

For a film that could have been a disaster due to it’s heft, the first G.I. Joe film ends up being a pleasant surprise action fest. It follows a top-secret strike force featuring the best operatives around the globe. It’s your classic story of good vs. evil with COBRA stealing a weapon that could spell the end of the world.

The second film, G.I. JOE: Retaliation was also a hugely pleasant surprise. It stars Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum (not really), and Bruce Willis. The JOES are set up for a crime they didn’t commit and now they have to face COBRA and earn their reputation back.

The Special Features Of Both G.I. JOE Films

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra Features

  • Commentary by director Stephen Sommers and producer Bob Ducsay
  • Digital Copy

G.I. JOE: Retaliation Features

  • Commentary by director Jon M. Chu and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura
  • Digital Copy
  • G.I. JOE: Declassified
    • Mission Briefing
    • Deployment
    • Two Ninjas
    • The Desert Attack
    • COBRA Strikes
    • The Lone Soldiers
    • The Monastery
    • Fort Sumter
  • Deleted Scenes

As you can see, both films, particularly the second, have some good extras that are worth of a jump to 4K UHD.

You can grab both G.I. JOE films on 4K this July 20th.

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