The Avengers: Endgame screenwriters recently gave an interview with the New York Times in which they discussed the potential stakes of their next film,and indeed which character they’d be willing to write for in the first place.

There’s no doubt that Avengers: Endgame opened the door for all kinds of new stories in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond, from creating direct paths to some of Marvel’s Disney+ series to dropping hints about the existence of Atlantis and Namor.

There’s a new Captain in town.

But when Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were asked if they specifically would want to follow Sam Wilson’s (Anthony Mackie) adventures in a new Captain America movie, considering they penned all the previous Steve Rogers ones, they redirected their response to the other films Marvel was planning and the ones they themselves would be willing to write.

“We really do just know what you know,” Markus responded, in something of a non-sequitur. “They’re doing The Eternals, which is a property I know next to nothing about. We’ve been here, trying to set this contraption running. Were we to take another one on, you can’t increase the scope or the stakes from where we are at the moment. We’d have to shrink it back down, do an origin story.”

It seems Markus and his writing partner are more interested in starting up a new story from scratch and picking up where they left off with a character they’ve already spent several movies on. “There are deep-bench characters where I’m like, if you roll that guy out, I couldn’t resist,” he added. “There is a great Moon Knight movie to be made, but I don’t know what it is.”

One thing’s for sure, though. If they did take on a character like Moon Knight, Marvel would give them the creative space to make it their own. As McFeely explained, “If we have an idea, people take it really seriously. They valued Winter Soldier and they saw how Civil War was coming together.” And if Avengers: Endgame‘s record-breaking box office numbers are anything to go by, they’ll have free reign if they do come back to Marvel with another great idea.

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