When a gaming/business insider says that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is real, you know it is. Or at the very least, you sit up and start to take a little less salt with those rumors.

Don’t worry. The video is in English.

Recently on an episode of the MinnMax, Jason Schreier of Bloomberg News managed to drop a major news bomb at the last second of the video clip above. After much poking and prodding by the host, Schreier finally revealed that yes, there is a grain of truth in the rumors about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake’s development. Specifically, that there is “something there” to said rumors, and that it is “real”.

Beyond that, Schreier offers no further details about the Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic remake. It seems that he has had enough of the virtual poking and prodding, and won’t give us anything more. A pity. We’ll just have to wait for further details later.

When Will We Get to See KOTOR Remake?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic cover art.
Not for a long time, I’m afraid.

At the moment, we have no concrete and official information about this Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake game. We have no idea what the release date is, and we don’t know which studio is developing it. Heck, we don’t even have concrete information if anyone is actually working on it. All we have to rely on are rumor and leaks from insiders like Jason Schreier. Even if the remake is in development, we’ll probably going to be waiting a long, long time before anyone gives us any official information.

My advice? Just sit back and play the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in the meantime. It’s only $9.99 on Steam, so it’s a good bargain even without a discount. Trust me, this is one game you won’t regret playing.


The remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic just got confirmation from a major insider that development is underway on it. Considering who Jason Schreier is, it’s best to sit up and take note of his words. Even though he reveals nothing else, at the very least, the hype for the remake has just gone way up for us Star Wars fans.

Source: Twitter