During the press round tables on Saturday afternoon at WonderCon, many of the actors and producers of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD were buzzing about Henry Simmons. Mainly that his character, Alphonso Mackenzie, has officially taken over the role of the Director of SHIELD.

Henry Simmons stated that he “was surprised” when he heard the writers had chosen him. “I’m so honored by the fact that the writer’s gave me that opportunity. Really.” “From an actor’s point of view I like it. I like the fact that you have that responsibility.”

“I think the greatest struggle is separating the responsibilities of being a Director and doing what’s best for SHIELD and saving the world and not having personal relationships effect that.”

Henry Simmons on Mack’s struggles as the new Director of SHIELD

“Getting that position as the Director changes the character a lot. You have to go through a whole thing of wanting to be the best, and not having Coulson around changes everything for him too,” says Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Yo-Yo).

Mack holding his shotgun-ax.
Hopefully the new Director doesn’t forget his trusty Shotgun-Ax.

We see these struggles early on in Season 6. The WonderCon audience was treated to the premiere of the first episode of the season. Where we see Mack, a year later, still watching holographic video instructions from Coulson. Yo-Yo is also struggling with Mack’s new role, and keeping a secret relationship from him.

The Mechanic of SHIELD

Newly anointed series regular Jeff Ward (Deke) was very happy with Mack’s role. “It’s a kind of new regime at SHIELD, and I think it’s really cool and Henry has done an amazing job.”

“He was Alphonso Mackenzie, mechanic. We brought him on the show to be the guy who was going to fix things,” executive producer Jeph Loeb said in a press room round table on Saturday. “It was really clear to us that leaving Henry in the basement with a bunch of tools was not going to be the best use of his time.”

Mack looks to put back together SHIELD starting May 10th on ABC, when it returns to television for Season 6.