As a Star Wars fan growing up, I used to always dream about having a real lightsaber. From flashlights to plastic lightsabers my imagination would put me in some of the most amazing battles. Now that I am older nothing has changed I still want a real lightsaber. Yeah, we have some amazing ones out there now like The Black Series, but give me one that feels real and can retract. Well, it looks as if my and other Star Wars fans’ dreams could be coming true.

Could We See A Real Working Light Saber Soon?

During a Disney Parks press event, Disney revealed a working prototype lightsaber that could be available in the near future. Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed, but it was reported that Disney’s Parks, Experiences, and Products chairman Josh D’Amaro ended the press conference by revealing the lightsaber and saying, “It’s real.” Walt Disney Imagineering’s portfolio creative executive Scott Trowbridge also has confirmed that it is real and there will be photos and or video in the future.

“A lot of questions today about whether the lightsaber that Josh D’Amaro revealed today was real or CGI, and, whether I’d share photos or video. Yes it was/is really real, and….. not yet.”

So there you go it looks like we will have our own working lightsabers in the near future. Hopefully we will get to see those photos and videos soon it will be pretty neat to see how this new lightsaber will work.

how not to use a lightsaber
Just don’t put it in front of your eye before you turn it on!

We Want To Hear From You

What are your thoughts on this new lightsaber from Disney? How do you think it will work? Also will this be a must-have in your collection when it is released? Well, That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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