Again we see a little bit of everything from Mark Hamill’s Twitter feed. From politics to Star Wars we get it all. As an animal lover, one of the things I like to see him post about are dogs, and when those dogs have something to do with Star Wars it makes the tweet even better. So today I had a good laugh when Hamill responded to a tweet that shows a dog’s reaction to seeing Darth Vader on TV for the first time. If you have not seen it I suggest you follow Mark Hamill so you don’t miss out on some of his tweets and responses.

In the tweet from user @RexChapman you see the dog sitting on the couch watching Star Wars: A New Hope. At the time when Darth Vader storms aboard the Tantive IV you see the get a look of concern on his face and goes and hides behind the couch to watch the rest. Of course, Mark Hamill had a response to the clip that will give you a laugh.

“Smart dog. I only wish I’d thought of hiding behind the couch when I first met him”.

Twitter: @HamillHimself

Well Mark we are glad you didn’t think of that when you first saw Vader, not sure if Star Wars would of made it if that happened.

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Dog Hides from darth Vader in Mark Hamill's Tweet