If you are excited about the upcoming season finale of Stranger Things and are looking for more content to tide you over; you will want to head to your local comic shop on February 8. Once there you will want to pick up a copy of Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins from Dark Horse Comics. Created by Jody Houser and Caio Filipe this four-part series fills in some of the gaps from the hit Netflix series. Thanks to our friends over at Dark Horse Comics I was able to get an early look at Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #1 to review and I was not disappointed.

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins

On the surface, Hawkins seems like the kind of town where nothing bad could ever happen, but in the fall of ’83 it is anything but safe. When two friends head out into the woods with their rifles and a six-pack, the would-be hunters find themselves the prey of a nightmarish beast who has claimed the wilderness around town and everything inside it, including them. 

Dark Horse Comics
Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins Review

Wow, where should I start? Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #1 knocked out of the park. This was one of those stories as soon as you started to read it you just knew it was going to turn dark fast. We are introduced to two hunters, Dale and Henry. Armed with their rifles and beer they set out for a hunting trip in the woods of Hawkins, but they would soon find out who the real hunter was. Also, if you are a fan of easter eggs you will want to pay attention because you will know exactly when this story is taking place in the Strangers Things timeline and you will also run into a familiar face in the upside down.

While there is not a lot of action in this issue, it was the suspense alone that kept you in this story. The story is dark and will take you on an emotional ride. The creative team did an amazing job connecting this story with the Netflix series. I won’t go into much more because I do not want to spoil the first issue for you.

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins

The Creative Team

OK, let’s talk a little bit about the Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #1 creative team and the amazing job they did on this first issue. First of Jody Houser once again showed why they keep bringing her back for these Stranger Things series. The story was amazing. I was in suspense the whole time just waiting for everything to go south. Also, she did a great job of letting us know where we were in the story timeline and that made it even more intense I read. She made this first issue tie in flawlessly into the Netflix series.

The art and colors were on point as well. Artist Caio Filipe and Colorist Dan Jackson not only set the mood on every page with their art and colors but they also brought each page to life. The look is simple, yet detailed enough to keep you in the story in every panel. Nate Piekos also did a great job with the lettering. The font was perfect and was easy to follow as the story went on. This is a creative team that I can not wait to see more from.

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins

My Final Thoughts

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #1 is a must-read for any Stranger Things fan! The creative team did an amazing job telling this story and tieing it into the Netflix series. It is a dark and suspenseful story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. I can not wait to read the next issue. This is one comic that I wouldn’t mind being stuck in the Upside Down with.

Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #1 will be available in local comic shops on February 8, 2023.

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