The UK based Devil Sold His Soul are quickly heading for the release of their fourth album, Loss. Nuclear Blast records is bringing their first album to feature two lead singers: Ed Gibbs and Paul Green. Gibbs departed the band in 2013, but was welcomed back with open arms in 2017 for the A Fragile Hope anniversary tour. Ever since, the band has been working on the foundations for the upcoming record.

Loss is going to sound familiar to longtime fans of the band but also add a new wrinkle to the sound they’ve cultivated over the years. Guitarist Jonny Renshaw recorded, mixed, and engineered the album at the UK based Bandit Studios.

You can check out Loss from the band April 9th. “Beyond Reach” is the first single from that album. Check out the video for it above.

The band’s mix of melodies and driving riffs is a recipe for success. Check out their new album and whatever else they have in store in the months and years ahead.

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