Finally I can share with you my raw feelings about the comic book adaption Invincible. Let’s take a closer look at Season 1 Episode 4 “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out”. As I talked about in my review of the opening three episodes there is a lot of Peter Parker in Mark. He definitely needs to work on his fast talking but hey he is just starting out.

Invincible - The Graysons
The Graysons

Elsewhere in the Grayson family Damien Darkblood’s visits have revealed some cracks in the Grayson marriage. We know that it has something to do with Mark’s powers emerging powers and that graphic end to episode one. Now we get to play a waiting game, when will the other shoe drop for Debbie.

To Be Or Not To Be A Hero

I think the brief conversation between Samantha and Mark is telling. Though the audience know different we’ve never seen much in the way of consequences but it is telling that Samantha after the death of the Guardians and the fallout of her relationship that she is thinking about her future. She is still just a high school student after all.

Mark considering revealing his secret identity shows off that he is starting to take his life more seriously. Though it can be argued either way I think not revealing it this early in the relationship is a good idea.

Although I have a little background knowledge around Invincible I have absolutely no idea what Robot’s endgame is with this new team he is leading. I’m tend to think that the new Guardians are not the best of the best more likely this group is likely to implode given the personalities but we’ll have to wait and see.

To Boldly Go

Now let’s talk about Mark’s trip to Mars, I have so many questions. Is that an Oxygen tank he was wearing or some super special technology because it seems small to have a week’s worth of oxygen. Maybe he has super longs with really good bloody oxygen levels? Who knows, it was a fun mission to relieve us from the tension to come. I do wonder though if we will get the fallout from the NOT-starro aliens or the Martian who wanted to go on vacation.

At the end and Invincible seems to like to end on a scary note we have things brought out in the open. Cecil and by extension the government knows that Omni Man killed the Guardians though they don’t know why but rather sensibly have opted not to confront a man who we have already seen subdue a planet singlehandedly. A planet with far more technology than the Earth that is presented in invincible I might add.

Let that sit with you while we wait for next week’s episode.