It appears that we’ll finally get to hear the English dub for the fifth season of My Hero Academia, and very, very soon to boot.

My Hero Academia season 5 poster.
And now, we finally get to hear them fight in English.

Funimation officially announces that starting on April 10, 2021; they will be releasing the English dub of My Hero Academia season 5. The English dub will start with the first episode, for obvious reasons. We also finally learn a bit more about Endeavour’s battle with High End. Specifically, about the aftermath of said battle. Because let’s face it: a Nomu is one heck of a tough opponent for anyone, even someone as powerful as Endeavour.

My Hero Academia: The Who’s Who

Now imagine this video, but in English.

So who’ll be voicing who in this English dub of My Hero Academia season 5? Funimation has that covered as well. They mentioned that our favorite voice actors and actresses will return to reprise their roles. This includes Justin Briner as Deku, Clifford Chapin as Bakugo, Luci Christian as Ochaco, and David Matranga as Todoroki. Specifically in the first episode of the English dub, we’ll get to hear Zeno Robinson as Hawks and Patrick Seitz as Endeavour, since they’re the featured characters in this episode. It’ll be interesting to hear how their buddy cop dynamic will do in the English version, and what kind of language they’d use around each other. I’m definitely thinking of Rush Hour here, but perhaps a bit more serious considering it’s My Hero Academia.

Hawks and Endeavour, preparing to team up.
The ultimate buddy cop duo, but with superpowers.


Funimation will premiere the English dub of My Hero Academia season 5 starting on April 10, 2021. The English dub of the anime will start with the first episode, and will work its way up from there as time goes on. Funimation also mentions that all of the old English voice cast will return to reprise their roles, so that’s very good.

Source: Funimation