Boba Fett, Storm Trooper, TIE Fighter Pilot. If you are a LEGO Star Wars fan then you probably have these sets built or the box sitting somewhere in your house. If you were a fan of these sets there is some great news for you. Thanks to Walmart and we now know that we will have three new Helmets sets heading our way! Those sets are Darth Vader Helmet (75304), Scout Trooper Helmet (75305), and Imperial Probe Droid (75306).

LEGO Star Wars Helmet Sets

Darth Vader Helmet – 834 pieces (75304)

LEGO Darth Vader
Photo: Walmart

Scout Trooper Helmet – 471 Pieces (75305)

LEGO Star Wars Scout Trooper

Imperial Probe Droid – 683 Pieces (75306)

LEGO Star Wars Probe Droid

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More is expected to be announced later this week on these new Star Wars sets from LEGO.

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