The penultimate episode of Killing Eve arrived with more of a whimper than a bang, in my opinion. Eve had a few great standout scenes, but otherwise, this one felt kind of like… filler? Not really the momentum I hoped for to carry us into the finale.

You can check out my spoiler-free review of “Making Dead Things Look Nice” here before you dive into my live reactions below.

**Note: The Killing Eve airing schedule is different depending on whether you’re watching on AMC+ or cable. AMC+ viewers got episode 7 on April 3. Cable viewers will see both episodes 7 and 8 premiere on April 10. Stay tuned for my review and reaction to the series finale next!

Killing Eve 407 “Making Dead Things Look Nice” Thoughts


2. That’s an excellent sheep (ram? goat?).

3. I don’t know if Villanelle has ever really watched someone kill like her before?

4. At another time I would have loved to see Villanelle have a fellow assassin bff, but now that there’s only two episodes left I just feel like this plot point is a waste of time.

5. (To be fair, I kind of feel like most things that aren’t Eve and Villanelle sharing the screen are a waste of time when we’re this close to the end of the series…)

6. Eve is looking surprisingly put together right now.

7. Oh joy. Yusuf is back.

8. “And now that Helene’s dead? Now what?” Yeah, me to you this whole season Eve

9. “Now you have to find a new ordinary. The old one isn’t going to fit.” It hasn’t fit in a while, that’s basically the premise of the show.

10. Ok my point re: non Villanelle and Eve screen time is wasted screen time stands, but I think it’s nice that Yusuf knows Eve is Going Through It and wants to cheer her up. I like him more in this moment than I have the rest of the season.

11. I’m about to be insufferable about this episode, reacting to every scene like “ok but where’s my Villanelle cheers Eve up scene? where’s my Eve and Villanelle drunken karaoke?” …

12. Also I assume this joyful karaoke session is going to lead to the next phase of Eve’s emotional breakdown, right?

13. OMG, BILL!!!!

14. I didn’t think we would see Bill again!

15. (Also Niko, but who cares. Sorry Niko.)

16. And ELENA!!!

17. Now I’M getting emotional.

Villanelle's Amsterdam breakdown in Killing Eve season 2

18. “I think I made a mistake.”

19. “What if I can’t move on? What if I don’t want to?” You’re SO close to getting it, Eve. I believe in you girl.

20. Oh so they remembered Irina was locked up huh. Killing Eve’s like oops, clock’s ticking, better hit some of these dangling plot threads. (Possibly they’re thinking about using Irina for the potential spinoff.)

21. I do like Pam’s little surge of confidence.

22. I don’t fully understand who Vlad is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

23. EVE THERAPY TIME! I say this with love: she needs it.

24. I have a feeling Martin is about to be the MVP of the season. Our in-universe Villaneve shipper. I believe in you Martin. You can make this happen for us. And if you happen to break your ethical code of confidentiality to tell Eve what Villanelle said about her in therapy, I will not only forgive you, I will commend you.

25. Obsessed with Eve’s emotionally avoidant personality and how she’s all chipper and nonchalant about calling up Martin. “What do you mean, I’m not having a breakdown at all! I called you and summoned you here and said I needed help but you know. In a totally chill and fine kind of way.”

26. “I wanted to kill him, so I did. I wanted Villanelle gone, and now she’s gone. And I survived! For what?” 

27. “The most important thing right now is to go to the people that love you. That understand you, and know your soul.” ONE GUESS WHOMST THAT MIGHT BE

28. Martin is a good therapist AND a Villaneve shipper. And probably the most emotionally intelligent character on this whole show tbh.

29. Gunn describing Eve as “that woman cradling” Villanelle… 

30. Ok nevermind Gunn’s on my shit list for saying Villanelle needs to cut Eve out of her life. (It is objectively good advice actually but… you know.)

31. We’re halfway through this episode and Jodie has had to say like. 5 words. Not loving that.

32. Worms?

33. Konstantin is so tired of dealing with Eve and Villanelle’s BS, lol.


35. “She doesn’t want to see me”  🙁

36. UGH are Villanelle and Gunn gonna hook up? I didn’t even get that vibe from them.

37. Konstantin vibin’ in his hotel room. Good for him. He’s straight up the depression thumbs up nothing really matters meme

Killing Eve 407 breakdowns. Eve is depressed "nothing in life matters" and Konstantin is thumbs-up "nothing in life matters."

38. I think Pam is about to kill him 🙁

39. Aw, he wrote Carolyn a last letter.

40. RIP Konstantin. You were a selfish old bastard but I appreciated your love for your adopted daughter and I’ll miss you.

Villanelle and Konstantin dancing in Season 1 of Killing Eve

41. Damn ok Gunn’s like “you hook up with me once I move your shit into my place and cut off your means of escape from my private island”

42. Please I’m laughing so hard at Villanelle reacting to Gunn smelling her

43. She’s SO uncomfortable with Gunn now.

44. (Also I think KE made them hook up just to have this scene to be like “See? Villanelle doesn’t want to play house with anyone but Eve!” which one hand I respect, but on the other… did anyone think any differently? Again, this just feels redundant.)



47. @Eve where’s your damn gun now?!

48. Much like Villanelle getting shot with an arrow ending episode 5, it’s not like we’re actually afraid for Eve’s life with this cliffhanger. But what if it genuinely ended like this though? After everything Eve’s been through, she just walked straight into an assassin who killed her on sight for once lol.

49. So. We got not a SINGLE SECOND of Eve and Villanelle together in this second to last episode ever of Killing Eve.

Final Thoughts on “Making Dead Things Look Nice”

Okay, I know this episode is (PRESUMABLY) setting up the final full episode for Eve and Villanelle to share the screen together, but still. I at least thought they’d get a few minutes together by the end of this one. It just feels off that in the second to last episode ever, the show refuses to let its leads share screen time. (And on a show that pretty much exists solely because of the chemistry and incredible dynamic between these two leads.)

It’s one of the things that makes it feel like the momentum for the show has stalled out right at the end. I mean, Villanelle’s interactions with Gunn were kind of funny, but also… what was the point? It seems like they mean next to nothing for the plot (since Gunn definitely won’t help take down the Twelve), and very little to develop Villanelle’s character. (We get it, she only wants to be cute and domestic with Eve. Is anyone surprised?) Between Villanelle’s island vacation and Carolyn’s dragged-out pursuit of the Twelve, it feels a bit like we’re just killing time trying to get everyone’s stories to align.

Sandra Oh as Eve singing karaoke during Killing Eve 407 "Making Dead Things Look Nice"

I didn’t hate the episode – Eve’s karaoke and therapy scenes were excellent, and Konstantin’s death made me tear up – but I’m a little disappointed this is how things played out when the show has so little time left to stick the landing. 

Can Killing Eve pull off a satisfying series finale, or will the show fizzle out right at the end? We’ll find out soon…

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