[WARNING: Contains spoilers.] Let’s get right to it: Snowpiercer: The Eternal Engineer gets off to a very impactful start. First it begins with a very heavy monologue from Roche, talking about the tension on the train. The Breachmen as tossed overboard to an icy grave while there are W’s being lifted up during the ceremony. Tess, Layton, and Roche explain to Bohkey, the last and leader of the Breachmen, that the Pastor was the mastermind behind the murders. Bohkey is beside himself and eerily walks off in a haze of distrust. He can’t comprehend why Wilford, form whom he’s worked for thirty years, would kill his own men.

Snowpiercer: left out in the cold

Alex is manning her station in Big Alice reading a book enjoying the simple stretch of the track when Wilford enters acting as if they have not seen each other in days. This is true, to an extent. Wilford is now playing with his shiny new toy or I should say restored old toy. Alex being astute notices that since Audrey is now on Big Alice, Wilford has not included her in any of his plans and she calls him out on it. Wilford snidely replies that it’s none of her business. She also notes there was an unscheduled breach from Big Alice earlier that morning. Wilford just passes it off as a simple maintenance check. But was it, or will it have a greater impact on Snowpiercer?

Layton then holds a meeting with members of each section that he trusts to find out what the overall disposition of the train. Second and of course the tail are on Laytons side but it seems that they are out numbered by First and Third. But that not the only thing he needs to worry about

I used the word sea figuratively and literally as there appear to be water pressure breaks along the cars. As Ruth goes to assess the situation she finds Lj and Oz taking charge of the situation trying to get in Ruth and the “Upper management’s” good graces. Javi is up the undertrain trying to figure out what’s going on as another wave of pressure bursts more pipes.

Getting Jammed Up

ph: David Bukach

Apparently, the gills of the train, which supply water are sadly stuck open. With only one Breachman on board the job of fixing it is extremely difficult. Back on Big Alice, we see that Alex is starting to hone her talent for feeling the train. As Audrey makes her grand entrance, Alex has no idea what’s going on. Wilford leaves her out in the cold, so to speak. But its not really Alex who’s on the outs. Icy Bob is seen atop of the train coming back to Big Alice.

He comes back frost-bitten and in pain not wearing a suit as Melanie did. It seems Icy Bob can handle the weather outside for quite some time. He reaches to Wilford for a W coin. Apparently, it was an old Breachmen’s tradition.

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Speaking of the Headwood’s experiments: Josie now has free use of Big Alice to go where she likes. She is still having Phantom pains from her missing appendage. But can freely move about as she pleases. While in the Galley she gets some unexpected company from Miss Audrey. Josie asks what the heck is going on and figures that Miss Audrey has defected. Audrey uses the excuse that she has no responsibilities anymore.

Once more into the Breach

ph: David Bukach

Is hope still alive? Bess and Layton go to the Breachmen’s cabin to convince Bohkey to help with the jammed intakes. He realizes that the job comes first and goes to get ready. Josie goes to visit Icy Bob who looks worse than before frostbitten and burned by the sub-zero temperatures. Mrs. Headwood comes in and gives Bob some medication and is disappointed that their experiment is in terrible shape. She mentioned that Josie should be resting and she will be important in the future. Curiosity gets to Josie as she goes down to the lab and sticks her arm out into the breach room. Only then she finds out that she, Josie, is the next evolution of the Icy Bob experiments.

Bohkey gets out to the intake but instead of an ice build-up, there is a rail spike in the gills forcing them to stay open. Hanging on by just his tether he was able to clear the block. Bohkey was confident to say that this was clear sabotage.

“Breaking” Snowpiercer

ph: David Bukach

Roche’s wife was asked if her family will support Wilford when the time comes. The Breakmen are trying their best to keep order but it seems that 3rd and possibly the leftover Jackboots are ready for The Grand Return!

Up in the Snowpiercer engine, even though the intake system was fixed, the rail spike did more harm than good. Alex is starting to figure out Wilford’s plan: o cripple his own train because he has the only part to fix it. Without his help, the train and humanity will die.

“Fixing” the train

While Ben and Javi fix the module there was a short from a former hack. The only way to fix is to reset the entire train. Everyone jumps into action during the pandemonium the Wilford supporters rally to try and keep him on the train.

Snow piercer goes black and Big Alice tries to keep it going. Wilford seizes the opportunity to get on the loudspeaker as Head Engineer Wilford because, apparently, he’s not just a shrewd businessman. To the contrary, he in fact knows more than a thing or two about his train. His supporters bellow out in joy. As all hands on deck restart the train, Wilford shoots the biggest sh*t-eating grin towards Layton. Layton realizes he’s playing checkers with a guy playing Chess.

Layton comes to the conclusion as the switches are being flipped this could be his end. Finally, the lights come back on the residents of Snowpiercer start chanting out WIL-FORD.

ph: David Bukach

Layton takes one the last walk to the engine a montage of his supports are shown visibly broken. He shoots off one red flare like the red lanterns to show he has conceded. The next day Roche talks to Andre one last time and vows to take care of the tail. Zara gets one minute with and promises to takes care of their child. Roche crosses the border and is escorted to The Drawers with his family already inside.

Wilford finally sits at the head of HIS train and he is now in control of Snowpiercer, 1034 cars long…

Thoughts and Theories

The acting of this episode was done so well and being able to balance all the characters set the tone that this isn’t just going to affect one person but everyone. Sean Bean was able to play this calm and collected Machevellian chess master so well at one point he was almost likeable.

We know the train is on track for Melanie but with Wilford at the helm who knows!

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