After our short “vacation” off the train we still have to deal with the clear and present issues aboard Snowpiercer. Between the growing civil unrest, a murderer on the loose, and why Miss Audrey is still on Big Alice this is a great tipping point / filler episode.

Train Detective Blinded By Murder

Bess is still showing massive signs of survivor’s remorse and was getting in her own way, trying to figure out who planned the attack on the Breachmen. All she has to go off of is a button a single red “W” button. After the Breachmen are laid to rest, in a train-wide ceremony. Bess is back on the case finding an older woman who is obsessed with Wilford who has become the “resident antique dealer” explains where the button came from. A first-class passenger who always been a Wilford supporter, Eugenia! After a very subtle yet heated chat in first-class dining. Eugenia grabs her St. Christoper medal and starts talking about a new shepherd. At that point, it FINALLY clicks who Wilford’s man on the train is…

Miss Audrey Swimming With Sharks

With Miss Audrey playing sleepover with Wilford. Wilford calls her out on her deception in regards to the sabotage she tried to commit on the coms channel. Wilford decides to test her loyalty using her second skillset, her therapy sessions. He has a wonderful candidate in mind, Kevin! Kevin has been tucked away and strapped down to be found as a broken cowering heap of a person. Audrey notices the infamous matching scar on his arm . Figures out how deep she must dive to break him even more to rebuild his psyche to Wilford’s twisted plot. By the end of the session not only has Kevin become the most obedient lap dog but Audrey herself has changed she becomes overwhelmed with the power she holds on her hand and is outwardly showing her new bravado. Seems she has changed sides, all thanks to Wilford.

Civil Unrest And Ruth

As much as Layton tried to defend the tail from being blamed for the Breachmen murders. The rest of the citizens of Snowpiercer just want to point the blame. Luckily early in the episode, the Tailies started to quietly work their way back home. After the rest of the train got the clue. a riot ensues the train starts looking for Tailies to hurt, with no provocation or cause except group mentality. Ruth trying to be civil during all this was hiding in the 2nd class infirmary with other tailies.

A small girl was hidden away with the stragglers but managed to escape. Ruth jumped into action to find the girl. Somehow her chip worked all over the train. So she hid in the Observation Deck, Aj’s Favorite place. Ruth eventually finds the girl but she is scared of the woman who took her mothers arm, for good reason. Ruth was able to convince her that she will be safe with her.

Pike, in a haze of guilt and weed, was picked up and while being roughed up the assailants decide to “ARM” him. Layton intercedes and offers himself up. Ruth finally losing her cool speaks up and exclaims once they do it there is no going back. They let Layton and Pike go.

But Who’s Wilford’s Man?

The leader of the Breachmen Killers is the Pastor of the Tea Room. Bess finally puts it all together after Euginia zealously exclaims their revolution has begun. She rushes to the tea room to confront the Pastor and they have one hell of a brawl. He gets away only to commit suicide by freezing his lungs with air from the outside. Now, who is on Wilford’s side?

Spiraling Out Of Control

As Snowpiercer reaches a turn around it becomes clear that people are choosing sides. in a gorgeous corkscrew, scene passengers lit red lanterns in their cabins. Declaring they want the rule of Wilford. Wilford sees the night sky full of red light and asks to get Icy Bob ready. What does this mean? Who knows?

Thoughts and Theories

I saw this coming from 10 car lengths away about the Pastor. As far as Miss Audrey turning to the dark side? I’m not too sure if she’s working for Wilford or towards her own goal. All in all, as I said this was a great filler episode but we definitely didn’t get any resolution to the last episode’s shocking ending. The story bounced around a bit but I’m glad we now know the general intentions of the train and i wonder how Layton deals with the Pro-Wilford sentiment.

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