It’s not often that we get a story with a centralized LGBTQA+ theme that isn’t focused solely around trauma, but HBO Max‘s New Original Series Generation gives us just that.  Premiering on March 11th, Generation focuses on the lives of a group of young Gen Z adults navigating their sexuality and it really gives us every facet of that gem.

An Ensemble Of Characters For The Ages

I got the chance to see the first four episodes. Let me tell you, I cannot WAIT to see the rest.  This series captures what feels like a real, authentic representation of LGBTQA+ youth of today.  From Justin Smith’s out and unapologetic Chester to Haley Sanchez’s shy and smitten Greta. Or Uly Schlesinger’s struggling twin, every single one of these young actors nail their depiction of a youth in a world of ever growing representation.

I feel that this series also highlights the ways that adults today are helping to bridge the gap as well.  Nathan Stewart-Jarret as Sam particularly shines. He’s an example of an older member of the community helping kids to feel comfortable in their own skin and navigate the world as the guidance counselor at the school.  A direct contrast to that is Martha Plimpton’s conservative Megan, who is just trying to keep the plates in the air as her conservative friend’s eyes are on her as an upper crust member of the community.

Personally, I feel HBO Max’s Limited Series Generation really has everything we could want in a show about LGBTQA+ gen Z.  Do I wish that they weren’t all beautiful people with near zero percent body fat?  Yeah, a little plus size gay male representation would be nice, but it’s hard to be mad at what they gave us.  I, for one, will be continuing to watch as these episodes drop weekly March 11th through April, 1st and am excited to see where they take us from here.

So, what do you think of Generation?