At long last Superman and Lois has returned from its hiatus. Covid may have delayed the season a bit, but rest assured they pick right back up where they left off. In fact I forgot how much I hate the endings on this show! This is perhaps one of the best shows on the CW right now. At least we won’t need to wait another couple months to find out.

In my past reviews I focused on how well this show covers the family dynamic. This is a family centered show first and a superhero show second. Episode 6 picks this theme right back up. Of course we see super powered humans running around and Superman fights the good fight (since there is not super villian…yet), but at every step, this show focuses on how choices affect the Kent family and the relationships of those around the affected individual.

The best and continuing example of this is the relationship between Jonathan and Jordan. Jonathan may be the kid left out of the loop, but through everything Jordan goes through, he remains right there as brothers. I really love how even though Clark tries to train Jordan, Jonathan stands right there for support and in many cases – translation. Jordan obviously does not have Clark’s over developed sense of hope, so many times Clark says something simple, yet Jordan does not connect with what Clark says. In steps Jonathan to translate. Jordan can’t punch the log hard enough until Jonathan steps in and tells him to picture the creeps from Metropolis High who bullied him.

A Brother’s Rage

Of course it works as a double edged sword. Jonathan tries to help Jordan cover his problems so he can play in the big game, but eventually Jonathan outs Jordan to prevent another accidental ‘ocular discharge’. This seems to be where they left off last episode. The thing I love most about this scene is how it translates into a very typical teen angst moment. Jordan earlier swore he’s not like Clark, yet he is. I love the line Jordan drops when he asks ‘Who am I?’ The questions nearly every teen asks at some point. It’s just this time the stakes are incredibly higher. Jonathan tries so hard to look out for Jordan and do what’s best, but this time it may have just cost him everything.

You knew the showdown between the Smallville kids and the Metro High kids would surface. Jordan gives in to the taunting, knowing he can lay the bully out, but Jonathan also knows the dangers. Of all the ways to stop your brother’ super punch, catching it is not the first option that comes to mind. Good think Jonathan did though. That punch most likely would have killed the bully.

Episode 6 really shows us Jordan’s weakness and it’s not kryptonite. It’s rage. His early life started off so rough with his mental condition, and now add to it the responsibilities of super powers and we now have a perfect storm forming. Jordan refuses to take guidance from Clark and Jonathan won’t be much help in the near future. I knew this to be an ongoing issue, but it wasn’t until Superman gets shot by the soldiers trying to apprehend Tag that it became clear. Superman wanted to fry the shit out of the soldier that shot him with kryptonite, but he didn’t. He used his anger to force them to stand down. Then he backed off. Jordan doesn’t know that kind of restraint yet.

Clark tries to get through to Jordan

Where They Left Off – Lois Continues to Dig

Lois continues where she left off with Morgan Edge. She finds herself in that painful and frustrating place of knowing something is going on, but cannot prove anything yet. Somehow she needs to find an in-road that will get her what she needs. her first thought? Lana and Kyle. They both hold key positions in the Edge machinations, but since Lois can’t divulge half of what she knows, she finds it impossible to convince them. The world looks to be improving for the Cushings under the Edge regime.

Along comes a surprise, an adversary that turns into a friend, Marcus Bridgewater. A supposed reporter looking to scoop Lois, he turns into an ally when he realizes they can do more together. He provides the passes and she provides a bit more credibility. Just one problem. He seems to know too much and knows exactly where to go for answers. He heads straight for the correct spot in the mine and uncovers the X-K. Not only does he know his way around but he also has the answer to super-Leslie. Lois quickly realizes no mere journalist could do all this. Marcus represents something else entirely, but what?

We know Marcus to be Captain Luthor, but who’s side is he really on? We know he served with Lois’ father, so maybe he feels a connection with her that way, but at the end of this episode, he seems truly concerned for Lois and he acts like he wants to work with her. Are these allegiances from his world or does he now see a bigger threat than Superman? Lois now needs to dig into two individuals.

Where They Left Off – Everyone Serves a Purpose

One of the things I truly love about this show is how the writers make every character count, from Kyle to Sarah and General Lane. In fact if I had to pick a ‘big bad’ it really looks like that role continues to point towards General Lane. Superman an he continue to not only butt heads, but Lane’s tactics continue to look more and more suspect. It should not take Superman stepping up and swearing Tag won’t be alone to protect Tag. Lane continues to show a growing animus towards Superman and other super powered beings.

Sarah’s role in this episode didn’t really add up to much, but what time she did have worked well. She brought Tag back to his normal side and showed us that while he attacked Jordan, he does not wish to hurt others. He just wants to know what happened, and is striking out in fear. She also provides a heart breaking foil to Jordan at the end. She talks about Tag and all but begs for Jordan to reveal himself, but Jordan cannot do it, which only adds to his pain.

Then we come to the ending and WTF!? We knew Jordan kept experiencing headaches, but I thought that came from his laser vision or super hearing coming into development. Apparently not. Something appears to be very, very wrong.