The dead are walking back to set soon. AMC announced production will soon resume on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted production on both shows. However, AMC is now looking to resume filming under new health guidelines. The Walking Dead shoots in Atlanta, while Fear the Walking Dead shoots in Austin.

“Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on,” said CEO Josh Sapan. “We will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly depending on local circumstances.”

Fear the Walking Dead will head back to set first. The show was in the middle of filming its sixth season when the pandemic hit. Luckily for fans, enough filming happened prior to the outbreak that the show still managed to produce some episodes. The first half of the season premieres October 11. With production scheduled to resume at the end of August, hopefully there won’t be too much of a gap between the first and second half of season six.

Fear the Walking Dead season six cast
Fear the Walking Dead S6

The Walking Dead resumes production afterwards in the fall. The series’ season 10 finale was delayed by COVID-19, leading AMC to take a unique approach to ending it. The new finale airs October 4. But fans will also get six additional episodes before season 11 begins. Ultimately, season 11 of The Walking Dead will begin filming Spring 2021.

Gimple discusses production delay

Walking Dead franchise runner Scott Gimple discussed plans for resuming production with He said the shows were in various stages of development at the time COVID-19 hit.

Fear the Walking Dead was the only show in proper production when this happened. Not all the scripts were finished, but most of them were…we had to finish up the season, writing it during this. Actually things had just started on Walking Dead, writing-wise,” said Gimple.

Gimple also expressed the importance of remaining willing to change during uncertain times.

“The planning is fluid. You know what I mean? Everything we’re planning, whether it is related to this pandemic or not, you have to be ready to pivot. A lot of it is just, behind all this it’s trying to keep people in the loop, but it’s even hard to do that because the information is always changing.”

Source: ComicBook