Samoa Joe has been a revelation on commentary for Monday Night Raw of late. His appearance in the booth alongside Tom Phillips has given Raw a bit of a kick in the ass in that department. Whether it means it’s going to be a permanent gig for Joe remains to be seen. After watching this clip, I hope that WWE is going for one of the easiest and oldest ways to book a babyface. Have Seth Rollins go after the helpless and non-wrestler Tom Phillips. Then have Joe step in. Samoa Joe has been a heel for much of his WWE run besides certain spots and his debut against Kevin Owens in NXT.

If there were fans, they would surely be chanting “Joe’s gonna kill you”. At this point in his career and trajectory with the company, it doesn’t look like Samoa Joe is going to be a WWE Champion or Universal Champion. That’s a shame because of the body of work he has, being a champion in multiple promotions. But what he can do during this “Quarantine Raw” period, is provide a hell of a feud with Seth Rollins.

The Monday Night Messiah has been sort of the main event while Drew McEntyre focuses on challengers for his title. It’s been the best story that Raw has running. So while it’s not for the biggest prize in Wrestling, this feud could help both Rollins and Joe. Just don’t make it into an over-booked mess like they had previously before Samoa Joe’s injury. Rollins has his boys and they’re going to harass Joe, but just keep it them against Joe.

Samoa Joe Is The Consumate Badass

Like the previous badasses coming out of “retirement” or coming back from injury like Bill Watts, Randy Savage, or Jerry Lawler. Joe would be the youngest from that group and could have the biggest impact. Rollins has run roughshod over the RAW roster. With McEntyre busy with Randy Orton right now, this could be the perfect time for a personal, hard-hitting feud between him and Samoa Joe. Watch that video, and tell me that you don’t want to see Joe whip some ass. It could be a jumping off point for Joe and the management at WWE could see that he actually has all the damn talent in the world for a World Title run.

With WWE’s ratings floundering and their creative ideas not hitting, it should be something simple that saves them. Not overbooked, overblown Fight Clubs. A feud like Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins could be just what the doctor orders. Seeing as how this is WWE, there’s lots that could go wrong. Like I said before, simple is the best way to go about this. The story writes itself. It’s the hero taking off the suit jacket and getting into the ring with a villain who needs an asskicking.

Joe doesn’t even need to win the matches, he just needs to give Rollins the best damn fight he can. With WWE’s plans for the Summer dashed, Joe could step in after Rollins brutalizes Dominick Mysterio at Summerslam.

WWE Needs Something To Carry Them Through The Rest Of The Summer And Fall

With their creative hard-pressed for good ideas, it could just be this idea that carries the WWE through this time of intense pressure in ratings. Samoa Joe is a big time independent name that might draw in former fans to watch him have that one last great feud in the company. I know they did this already in 2017, but that was with a heel Samoa Joe working for Triple H. He was sort of neutered by that feud, and now you can have Joe working as a face.

I sure would love to see it. How about you? What do you think of a Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins feud? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook at THS Wrestling.

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