The popular comic book, Hourman, is getting an adaptation from Warner Bros/D.C. Films. The adaptation is being written by Gavin Games and Neil Widener. The character, originally created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily in 1940, centers around Rex Tyler who creates a synthesis that turns him into Miraclo. His son would later take up the mantle and become the most famous incarnation of the character.

Deadline was the first with the news. The series has been in gestation for a long time at D.C.. They originally planned for a CW show, but that was shelved. There’s no casting news at the moment. D.C. has definitely picked up the pace with adaptations of their less popular characters over the past year. Following this, we’ve seen Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Zatanna, and others get the green light over the past year. It’s unlikely that Louis Ferrigno Jr. reprises his role from Legends Of Tomorrow.

So, what character do you want to see D.C. do next? They have a wide range of characters available. With HBO Max now in full swing, these characters have an outlet that might be less crushing at the box office for WB and D.C. to work with.

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