With news that Sony had scheduled two new Spider-Man universe films for 2024 and 2025, it was logical to think that one of them might be El Muerto. Now, it appears that might not be the case. According to several sources, including Borys Kit from THR and Erick Davis, the film has been taken off Sony’s release date calendar. Kit Tweeted this about the news.

There has been little to no news about the project since it was announced back in 2022. The movie was set to begin filming this August. It’s unclear whether the film has been canceled or simply delayed. There are several Spider-Man universe spin-off movies still in plans for Sony after this. There’s also another Spider-Man film dated for 2025. Kraven The Hunter releases in theaters on October 6th, 2023. Madame Web starring Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson releases in theaters on February 16th, 2024.

The El Muerto movie was questioned when it was announced, so now this seems like they might be making changes to it or scrapping it altogether.

El Muerto would be the first Marvel film to have a Latino lead. The character comes from a Spider-Man comic about an antihero named Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez, the son of a luchador. He finds himself next in line to inherit the ancestral power and mantle of “El Muerto”.

The actual storyline that El Muerto comes from is quite silly. J. Jonah Jameson puts on a wrestling match for charity to try to unmask Spider-Man. El Muerto is about as low on the pole as you can get for a superhero, but here’s hoping they make it work for the movie.

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