This week from Titan Comics, we get an amazing new series kicking off that takes to the dark and dreary future of 2009. Well, when Blade Runner first hit theaters (1982), 2009 was the future. With Blade Runner 1, we get to see how the world of Replicants began.

Blade Runner 1 – Cover2Cover

These covers begin to give you an idea of the artwork inside, and it’s quite good. The characters are heavily sketched and shaded, so many times figures have little detail to them, but when this is combined with the backdrops, Blade Runner fans should feel quite at home. The heavy sketch and shade lend itself to an air of darkness and despair just like the original movie.

Once it gets to the scenery and buildings it gets even better! A haze covers the panels. Details fuzz a bit except where there are lights. Anytime a light source shows up, it becomes bright and sharp. Shudders are always drawn and any sense of happiness has fled the panels and comic. I could not help as I read this issue, but to hear the music and feel like I was back in the 1982 original Blade Runner. All of the lights and sounds from the movie practically jump off the page as you read this.

Blade Runner 1 – The Coverup Begins

An engineer at the Tyrell Corporation, maker of the Replicants, killed herself. The suicide must be investigated, but with all major corporations, the less attention they draw on themselves the better. Detective Moreaux gets the lucky call. The chief tells him straight up that these people can pay off the people who control their jobs, and that no one has ever been inside the Tyrell Corporations before.

Detective Moreaux starts asking questions until she shows up – Ilora Stahl. Just from the artwork alone, you know she will be as much trouble as answer for the detective.

If you love Blade Runner, deep sci-fi, or a very promising comic, Titan Comics has just what you are looking for. This title looks and feels every ounce of the 1982 original Sci-fi classic.

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