The second episode of The Flash, season 7 gives Barry everything he wished for, but as they say, be careful what you wish for. You just may get it, and when you do there is always a price. Can Barry handle the price his wish entails?

Barry lost the speed force but thanks to some digging and creativity, the team manages to create an artificial speed force that gives Barry his speed back. Flash can now run again, faster than ever, but a bonus effect emerges. Not only can Barry run fast, but his brain begins to move just as fast. Barry now possesses super speed thinking. He can see things before they happen, and predict the unpredictable. Now even Cisco struggles to keep up with Barry’s mind. This starts as a major boon for Team Flash, but the price soon asserts itself.

Barry can think faster and see the impossible, but to counteract the negativity designed into the previous version, the new speed force saps Barry of all his emotion. He is essentially a walking, breathing super-computer. Only logic and emotion never mix well. When Barry figures out they can only rescue Iris or Kamilla and Singh, his ‘logical’ choice becomes save Iris and forget the others.

The team disagrees and a fight ensues. Barry, of course being ‘Mr Supercomputer’, wins. When Iris realizes Barry will only save her and not the others she resists. In the end you have Team Flash down at the hands of Barry and his ‘randomizer ball’, Iris down and in a seizure because she was yanked through the portal, and then Barry destroys the artificial speed force in a rage and loses his powers. Good job Barry. 0-3. Sometimes you have to leave Mother Nature alone.

What You Wish – Almost Done

To be honest, I am about done with the whole mirror universe concept. It’s been dragging on since last season and has been a major headache to follow at times. According to Showrunners, episode 3 will finally wrap up this storyline, allowing episode 4 to start season 7 off properly. I hope they can think of something fresh for the rest of this season. Honestly, after 7 seasons, The Flash is reaching the limits of its creativity. Story arcs continue to grow more and more far fetched with little to no character growth. Well, except for the character that can’t stay away…

We come to the final moments of episode 2. The theme of the show seems to be ‘be careful what you wish for’, so is their opening wish coming true a good thing or a bad thing? The last iteration of Harrison Wells met his end to establish the artificial speed force, and with the Multiverse collapsed post-Crisis, that should have been the end of Wells and all his alter egos.

Time jumps back to when Thon kills the original Harrison Wells and takes his place. Thon kills and buries the original wells, but when he leaves, green lights begin floating around. Low and behold Harrison Wells reconstitutes. What the hell?! I guess we will find out next week what happens, but this is getting confusing and cheap. 4 to 1 says this Wells comes back, magically fixes the Artificial (or real) Speed Force and – walla – Barry is back in action. Again, cheap and convenient.

What are your thoughts on the second episode? Is The Flash holding strong, or are its episodes becoming as empty as speed-brain Barry?