Baby Yoda has been many things. From plushies, to Christmas sweaters, to enormous busts, he’s been them all. And now, we can add clapper/talking night light to the list.

Baby Yoda clapper with box.
A plug and play Baby Yoda. Who would’ve thunk?

NECA is responsible for giving us this modern and adorable makeover of this classic 80’s gadget. They’re also selling this through Entertainment Earth for $29.99. That’s right. For a mere $30, you too can own a Baby Yoda clapper/night light shaped like Grogu in his hover-pram. Yeah, it’s a bit on the pricey side for a toy, and you have to wait until April 2021 before it actually arrive, but wait until you see what the little guy can do.

Baby Yoda: Clap On, Clap Off

Close up of Baby Yoda clapper's face.
Admit it, you can’t resist this adorable mug either.

How many of you were a bit confused when I started talking about Baby Yoda clappers? And no, I’m not talking about that metal bit in bells that make it ring. The clapper I’m talking about is a peculiar device invented in the 1980’s. At its heart, it’s basically a sound-operated electrical switch. You clap once to turn it on, and clap again to turn it off. Clap on, clap off. Simple. At least, in theory.

Groovy old ladies are groovy.

See, the clapper was supposed to respond to claps, and it does. However, it turned out that it also had a tendency to respond to things that are not claps. Like coughs, laughs, barks, bumps, slurps, snoo snoo, TVs, etc.. Basically, anything really. Let’s hope the Baby Yoda version is a bit more discerning than the original.

Evil raccoon: At the next speech, let's install the clapper device to all lights and sound. 
Nothing can protect against evil raccoon though.

In addition to being a clapper though, Baby Yoda is also a nightlight. You clap twice to use it as a clapper, while a triple clap turns on the nightlight. Not only that, but Baby Yoda will even speak out lines from The Mandalorian when he’s used as a nightlight, such as Greef Karga saying “Come on baby. Do the magic hand thing!” or Din Djarin saying “The kid is coming with me!”. It sounds great in theory. Now all you have to worry about is messing up the number of claps, or Baby Yoda miscounting your claps.


Baby Yoda is now a clapper that doubles as a nightlight. Even better, when you use him as a nightlight, the little guy will even speak out lines from The Mandalorian. If you want him, you can preorder him from Entertainment Earth for $30. You’ll have to wait until April 2021 before you can get him, but he might just be a Star Wars collectible worth collecting.

Source: Entertainment Earth